13 arrested planning to conduct terrorist attacks in Kigali

On 1 October 2021 at 04:30

Rwanda National Police (RNP) in collaboration with Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) have paraded before the media, 13 people who were arrested for planning to conduct terrorist attacks in different parts of City of Kigali.

RNP has revealed that the suspects were arrested with different improvised explosive devices (IEDs) materials that include; wires, nails, phones, explosives and videos for radicalization.

They were arrested at different times in Kigali City, Rusizi and Nyabihu districts.

The suspects have said that they were assigned to shatter different buildings including Kigali City Tower, Downtown and others in Nyabugogo.

According to RNP, investigation has proved that arrested suspects work with a terrorist group known as Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) linked to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

ADF operates in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) IN North Kivu.

“We appreciate people who worked with security organs in sharing and corroborating information in order to prevent these attacks. Rwanda National Police with other security organs will continue to prevent and fight against terrorism and ensure public security and safety,” RNP has tweeted.

Terror suspects speak out

Ismael Niyonshuti and Hassan Mbaraga are among members of the terror group, who were arrested. They narrated on how they joined the terror group with intention to destabilize Rwanda.

They disclosed that they were recruited by their colleagues and trained by a Kenyan national, who was part of the IS-linked terrorists in Cabo Delgado, where they were subdued by the joint Rwanda and Mozambique forces.

“I was arrested on August 31, a week after I got connected to the Kenya national, who was coming from Mozambique. He is the one who was training us on how to use explosives to target specific buildings in revenge for Rwanda’s intervention in Cabo Delgado,” said Niyonshuti.

He added: "The mission was to carry out an attack on KCT (Kigali City Tour) with explosives through an electronics shop operating on the ground floor, and a petrol station in Nyabugogo."

On his part, Mbaraga revealed that he was recruited by Niyonshuti and that they had planned to detonate explosives in Kigali and other parts of the country.

RNP spokesperson, Commissioner of Police (CP) John Bosco Kabera said that Rwanda police worked with other security organs to dismantle the terror cell, which was planning to carry terror attacks mainly in City of Kigali.

As he said, all the suspects were arrested in September.

CP Kabera thanked Rwandans who provided tip off that led to the arrest of terror suspects and advised the general public against putting their lives at risk dragging themselves into terrorism.

RIB Spokesperson, Dr. Thierry B. Murangira has said that the 13 terror suspects face seven charges namely; conspiracy to commit a crime, being part of of terror group, engaging in acts of terrorism, treason and mobilizing people to conduct terrorist attacks, illegal use of explosives or using toxic substances in public places, shattering buildings, establishing or joining terrorist group.

Upon conviction, terror suspects will be charged under law No. 46/2018 of 13/08/2018 on counter-terrorism where the accused crimes attract the sentence between seven and 25 years.

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13 arrested planning to conduct terrorist attacks in Kigali have been paraded today.
Some of explosives suspects would use to shatter buildings in Kigali City.