147 remains of Genocide victims relocated to Nyundo memorial

On 10 April 2021 at 05:08

147 remains of victims of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in former Commune Nyamyumba have been relocated from Rutsiro to Nyundo Genocide Memorial under the ongoing program to bury remains in properly managed memorials.

The ceremony that took place on Friday 9th April 2021, coincided with the commemoration of Genocide victims killed in Nyundo Catholic Church’s Cathedral on 9th April 1994.

The Bishop of Nyundo Diocese, Mwumvaneza Anaclet said that the consequence of bad leadership highlighting that it won’t happen again because Rwanda currently has good leadership.

He explained that Tutsi were heinously killed in Nyundo and requested relevant authorities to build a particular house dedicated for exhibition of Genocide history in the area.

“There was massive bloodshed here in Nyundo. Perpetrators killed Tutsi with intentions to exterminate all of them. What happened was the consequence of bad leadership that fueled racial discrimination but we currently have good leaders and soldiers that stopped Genocide. I would like to request relevant authorities to build a house featuring displays of Genocide history in Nyundo,” he said.

The mayor of Rubavu district, Habyarimana Gilbert said that the relocation was needed to ensure genocide victims are decently buried.

“The program to integrate memorials is aimed at honoring Genocide victims especially those in mass cemeteries to be accorded decent burial. That is why we upgrade memorials. I would like to tell Rutsiro residents that Rubavu is also their home. This place facilitates better preservation of history. They will be joining us to commemorate,” he said.

Nyundo Genocide Memorial is accommodates remains of 1059 victims including 30 killed clerics.