15 hobbies you can try doing in your free time

By Leana Bisa
On 28 May 2022 at 11:34

There are times when you have free time but you do not know what to do. When you go home from work or school, you find yourself bored or you find yourself doing the same things all the time.

Sometimes it is better to do different and new activities that will help you relax but also help you learn something new.

Much of these activities can be done at home and they are an exciting way to help you relax and pass time.

1. Painting

For people who like to do things that are calm and not too tedious, you can start painting. The benefit is that you can paint in many different ways and techniques.

You can do it on a normal white canvas on old clothes, stones or even on unused wood, this helps you relax and enhance your creativity in your own way.

You can design a variety of things from objects to people to even what’s on your mind. You can easily learn from home using social media.


2. Drawing

There are so many types of drawing like line drawing and figure drawing. It is relaxing and fulfilling.

You can do expressive drawing where you draw to express your emotions. You can do realistic drawing where you just draw real things like objects and people.

Drawing does not require you to purchase any extravagant things, you can do it at home or with other people.


3. Yoga

For people who like to exercise, you can also try Yoga. It is a way of relaxing and stretching the body.

Yoga helps relieve back pain, improves strength, balance and flexibility. It benefits heart health, relaxes you and helps you sleep better.


4. Watching documentaries

For those who like to learn new things, when you have time you can look at different documentaries on different topics depending on what you like.

You can for example watch true crime documentaries, history documentaries, fashion documentaries and many others.

5. Make different decorations

When you like to make a variety of things you can take time to make a variety of things like home decorations from different objects, necklaces, bracelets and many other different things.

There are also different ways to learn how to do different things by using social media like Youtube and Instagram.


6.create a photo album

Many photos nowadays are on phones in our galleries but it is fun and relaxing to make your own photo album and different collage, documenting special moments in your life.

7. Learning to play an instrument

When you can, start learning to play an instrument like the guitar, Piano, violin, trumpet or another one you would like or that fits you.

There are many schools that teach it but in case you want you can also learn it on Youtube or if you know someone who can teach you go for it.

8. Salsa Dancing

For people who like to dance, you can try to start dancing different kinds of dances like salsa, Zumba or others, you can do this with your friends or even better your husband or boyfriend.

9. Swimming

Swimming is an activity that helps the body relax and it strengthens the muscles. For people who want to lose weight, swimming can help you. It also helps with maintaining weight and helps your heart rate.

You can go swimming after work or if it is possible you can go for a swim before work or on the weekends when you have time. You can also take kids if you have them or go with friends.

10. Biking

If you want to do something new that you are unfamiliar with, you can start learning to ride a bicycle and go biking.

You can ride a bicycle as a form of exercise or if you want to have small adventures to different places, you can do it with family or friends.

11. Learning to cook something new

Learning new things is fulfilling and rewarding, you can take time to learn how to cook something new or cook different types of cuisines.

There are different people who teach it on social media which is a cheaper option but if you want in depth lessons you can hire someone.

12. Meditation

Doing meditation helps to have a new direction and perspective. It helps in taking some stress off your mind, it helps you take care of your mental health, getting rid of bad emotions, and also helps relax your mind.

13. Planting and caring for flowers and plants

If you love flowers and plants, you can start planting them and take care of them. You can plant different types of flowers whether outdoor or indoor flowers or plants.

Planting and flowering is a soothing activity that requires patience and warmness but at the end you feel rewarded when they grow big and healthy.

14. Learning a new language

Learning a new language is not always easy but there may be times in the future where it can come in handy when you least expect it.

You can start by learning the language of the country or place you would like to travel to or the language you think can be useful to you in the future.

15. Making your own clothes

When you know how to sew, you can start making your own clothes. You can repurpose your old clothes and make new ones. You can also make new clothes for yourself or any other person you would like.