17 vulnerable households receive decent shelters in Gisagara

On 3 November 2021 at 10:24

A total of 17 vulnerable households from Kabumbwe cell, Mamba sector in Gisagara district, Southern Province have received decent shelters.

The houses constructed by Gisagara peat power plant, were handed over on Tuesday 2nd November 2021, to beneficiaries including residents who had no shelter and others living in old structures.

Delphine Ukubereyimfura, one of beneficiaries explained that she has been facing hard life with her children as they had had no permanent shelter since her husband cohabited with another wife.

“I have spent long time accommodated by good Samaritans because our thatched cottage house was demolished. My husband casted me aside to cohabit with another wife. Since then, I have been leading hard life because I paid rental fees after sweating on daily casual work. I pledge to take good care of received house and work hard to improve my wellbeing. I also commend the good leadership for liaising with partners to build houses for us,” she said.

François Mbanzabagabo also revealed that he has been living in a dilapidated building that it would rain on him inside.

“I am grateful for receiving a new decent house. I am now safe from life hazards along with my children,” he said.

Apart from houses donated to vulnerable residents, the plant also build latrines for Kabumbwe Primary School located in the area and donated a television to Kabumbwe cell to help residents stay updated on trending issues.

The operations manager at Gisagara Peat Power Plant, Tonci Tadic has revealed that the donation is part of the company’s pledge to contribute to improved wellbeing of surrounding community.

“Our activities in this area are meant to promote residents’ welfare. We remain committed to sharing part of revenues for residents’ improved wellbeing,” he said.

As Tadic explained, the plant has so far built houses for 34 vulnerable families in Gisagara district and pledged to subscribe 1000 households for community based health insurance (Mutuelle de Santé) every year.

The plant has also donated school kits to learners at Kabumbwe Primary School and plans to connect the facility to clean water.

Residents in the area have also been receiving cows and small livestock from the plant.

The Acting Mayor of Gisagara district, Athanase Ntaganzwa has said that residents have benefited a lot since construction of the plant began in Mamba.

“Residents from different cells surrounding the plant have received different support including cows that have reproduced among others. Beneficiaries got milk, and compost which helped them to increase agricultural yields,” he noted.

Some of houses built for vulnerable residents in Gisagara.