195 RDF soldiers complete safety driving and traffic management training

By Wycliffe Nyamasege
On 10 May 2024 at 11:52

195 Rwanda Defence Force personnel on Thursday graduated after successfully completing a seven-month training on safety driving and traffic management.

The training was held at Kanombe Barracks in Kigali and was tailored to impart new drivers with skills in safe driving, traffic management, and techniques focusing on both heavy and light-duty vehicles in various operational scenarios.

The pass-out ceremony was presided over by RDF Chief of Defence Staff, General Mubarakh Muganga, who lauded the commissioned drivers for their achievements.

He emphasized the need for RDF personnel to be capable of operating different types of vehicles effectively.

General Mubarakh also reminded the new drivers to maintain discipline, and professionalism, and particularly refrain from consumption of alcohol, which he said is a major cause of road accidents.

Last year, Rwanda was awarded the Kofi Annan Road Safety Award for its commitment to road safety measures, particularly regarding the safety of vehicles.

The country’s road safety measures were recognised on September 26, 2023, during the 2nd edition of the Kofi Annan Road Safety Award, jointly organized by the Government of Morocco, the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, and the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety.

Ambassador of Rwanda to Morocco, Zaina Nyiramatama, received the award on behalf of the government of Rwanda.

The ambassador said the Rwandan government is committed to putting in place both soft and hard infrastructure initiatives aimed at combating road crashes.

“In order to produce positive road safety outcomes, we have to bear in mind that strong management in all aspects of road safety is key. The presence of a funded lead agency to guide the national road safety effort and implement a Safe Systems approach should be a guiding factor on this cause,” she said.

To address road accidents, Rwanda has implemented several measures, including the mandatory use of speed governors to regulate vehicle speed and the installation of speed cameras on key roads, resulting in reduced road fatalities.

Over the past seven-months, new drivers acquired skills in safety driving, traffic management, and techniques focusing on heavy and light-duty vehicles in various operational scenarios.