20 arrested in hotel Sauna

On 25 May 2020 at 06:01

Twenty people were arrested Saturday evening at Lebanon hotel in Remera, Gasabo District where they were found in Sauna and massage.

Sauna and massage are among the prohibited services in this period when the country is fighting and preventing the pandemic of novel Coronavirus

The violators were paraded to the media Sunday afternoon at Remera metropolitan.

Among those arrested are Raymond Bizwinayo, the hotel proprietor, Christopher Tuyishime, the manager and Alexis Nyiridandi, who is in charge of the Sauna.

Bizwinayo distanced himself from the unlawful acts, arguing that Sauna and massage services were under different management although they were operating within the same facility.

Tuyishime said that Sauna and massage services were opened the same day the government opened hotels and other hospitality establishments.

Nyiridandi alleged that the gym section remained closed as directed by the government and feigned knowledge that Sauna and massage were still closed since salons were also given green light.

Alexandre Kanyambo, one of the arrested clients narrated that he was called by a friend informing him of a place open to Sauna and massage services.

"I left Gacuriro to Remera, joined my friend to the hotel where we were caught. I wasn’t aware that these are among the prohibited services, but now I know I breached the government directives to be in a congested place like Sauna," said Kanyambo.

To Uwase, another suspect, she argued that as she was jogging that evening, she had a smell of Sauna as she went passed the hotel.

"I followed the Sauna smell to Lebanon hotel, I was arrested inside with other people, few minutes after I had entered," said Uwase.

Rwanda National Police (RNP) spokesperson, CP John Bosco Kabera said that the actions were contrary to the "outlined and clear government directives and guidelines" meant to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

"Sauna and massage parlour are among the prohibited services in this period. These people were in the same room where, if one of them was infected with the virus, he or she could have infected others; it was risky and unlawful," said CP Kabera.

He added: "At this level, we expect everyone; owners and managers of business facilities, and the public in general to be at the peak of positive response. But of course, we still have such people whose actions hamper the government response to the problem in our midst, and putting lives of other people at risk."

"These people came from different areas of Kigali, met in one place and no one knew the status of the other.

We want to repeat this; whoever breaches the directives will be arrested and we continue to thank some members of the public for the partnership and reporting such serious violations."