29 arrested in prohibited gatherings

On 6 June 2020 at 05:53

Twenty-nine people were arrested on Thursday in different parts of City of Kigali after they were found in varied prohibited activities.

These include those who gathered for prayers as well as driving and language school teachers and their students, who were found in related lessons.

At least 14 people were praying; 11 of them found in the bush in Nyanza, Kicukiro district while three others in a prayer-room in Nyamirambo district; the other 15 including teachers and students, were in a room learning languages and traffic rules and regulations.

Also arrested is Joselyne Mbabazi, the owner of the driving and language school located in CHIC building in the city center.

These are among the prohibited activities in this period as per the government directives on curbing the spread of novel Coronavirus pandemic.

The violators were paraded to the media this Friday afternoon, at Remera metropolitan.

Joselyne Mbabazi, the owner of the school argued that she misinterpreted the directives.

"I thought the directives bind schools that only fall under the Ministry of Education,” Mbabazi said.

“Now, I understand that I breached the directives. I regret the risky and dangerous decision to reopen the school with students from different parts of Kigali. One infected case could have easily contaminated others," she added.

Rwanda National Police (RNP) spokesperson, CP John Bosco Kabera advised against such prohibited and risky actions instead of being forced.

“There are some people, who are still trying to find ways to breach the safety guidelines. We advise them to stop because they will be arrested in one way or another," CP Kabera said.

"If the directives highlight schools, you do not have to classify your school as private for the sake of violation. You do not have to put your life at risk. You can pray and learn from your home. Directives are clear, if you do not understand them, seek clarifications from concerned organs instead of claiming that you misinterpreted them." He added

The spokesperson thanked members of the public, who reported the unlawful actions and called for maximum compliance.

He warned that “whoever breaches the directives will be arrested.”