5 Tips for your first date this weekend

By Leana Bisa
On 9 July 2022 at 01:41

It is the weekend, you worked all the week or you studied all week. Except for getting to cool down and relieve your stress, there is something else you have been excited about all this weekend. Your first date with this person you have been crushing on for such a long time!

First dates are the hardest because you have different expectations. You don’t know whether to be excited or not and don’t know what to talk about.

It is all a rollercoaster of emotions but I have some tips for you.

Do not over complicate things

If it is your first time meeting the person face to face, you do not really know them or know a lot about them, do not complicate things by planning too many romantic things, or planning to spend a lot of time together.

Plan a short and simple date, perhaps plan to go out and have some coffee or meet over lunch or have a simple dinner together for a few hours. You can even plan a walk afterwards depending on how the date went.

And if that went well, the small date can turn into dinner under shooting stars.

The priority should be if you’re going to like them not the other way

I know the reason most of us stress over meeting someone is because we are wondering if they are going to like us, how we look, how we talk, basically their first impression. It is also nice to care about that because it shows you’re interested.

But I think, we should change that mindset. Do not stress over them liking you. The first thing you should prioritize is if you’re going to like them.

Think about first date topics that are not boring

There are topics that are interesting and certain questions you can ask that are not closed-ended.

An example would be talking about how nervous you are. This can make them feel also comfortable and this can spark up some old stories about previous dates you had, those that went horribly or even a story about one of your friends.

This can be a nice topic to make the conversation flow and make everyone feel at ease.

Let the other person speak

I have been on certain dates where all the other person does is talk and talk and talk. It is not even talking about things that are interesting or funny or even stories, the person talking about what they like, what they do not like, their life things like that.

Honestly, I just tuned it out at some point. It was too much information I did not need at that time. So, if it is your first time date do not make it about you let the other person speak.


People like it when they are given attention. If the person is telling you something about them make sure you listen and ask follow up questions.

This shows them, you are actually listening and you are paying attention to what they are saying. It shows you actually care.

What you must always remember is to be true to yourself.