65% of Covid-19 deaths registered within the past 50 days

On 19 January 2021 at 11:25

The Ministry of Health has released statistics showing that 65% of Covid-19 deaths and 46% of total infections in Rwanda were registered within the past 50.

During a talk show aired on Rwanda Broadcasting Agency (RBA), the Minister of Health, Dr. Daniel Ngamije explained that people have been complacent for the past few days which triggered the surge in new Coronavirus cases.

He has revealed this following the cabinet meeting held yesterday on 18th January 2021 which took stringent measures to contain spread of the virus.

The meeting has placed Kigali city under lockdown for two weeks, a decision that will be reviewed upon health assessment. All public and private schools in the city have been also closed.

“We have registered over 142 people have succumbed to Coronavirus up to date of whom 65% died in the past 50 days. This means, the situation worsened and it is apparent to everyone,” said Dr. Ngamije.

“To slow down the upsurge in new Coronavirus cases, we need strict measures like the ones the Government has taken during a cabinet meeting chaired by President of the Republic,” he added.

To date, all schools in Kigali are closed while unnecessary movements are prohibited except for essential services including medical/ healthcare, food shopping, banking etc and for the personnel performing such services. All movements will require an approved permit from Rwanda National Police.

Travel between Kigali and other provinces and districts of the country is not permitted, except for essential services and tourism (tourists must possess negative Covid-19 test results).

Public transport in Kigali is prohibited, however transportation of food and essential goods will continue to function. Motos and bicycles are not permitted to carry passengers, but may offer delivery services.

Rwanda confirmed the first COVID-19 patient on 14th March 2020. Since then, 11 259 people have been tested positive out of 799,817 sample tests of whom 7412 have recovered, 3701 are active cases while 146 have succumbed to the virus.

Coronavirus symptoms include coughing, flu, and difficulty in breathing. The virus is said to be transmitted through the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Rwandans are urged to adhere to COVID-19 health guidelines, washing hands frequently using soaps and safe water, wearing face masks and respecting social distancing.