65 remains of Genocide victims accorded decent burial in Ruhango

On 26 avril 2022 at 10:59

65 remains of victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi in Kinazi Sector of Ruhango District have been accorded decent burial. The burial which took place on Sunday 24th April 2022, coincided with the 28th commemoration of Genocide against Tutsi in the area.

The remains were relocated from dilapidated graves to Kinazi Genocide Memorial which accommodates 163,150 remains.

The victims laid there were killed in former Commune Ntongwe and Mayaga.

Elise Mukarubuga, a survivor who provided testimonies at the event revealed she lost 42 relatives during Genocide against Tutsi.

“Our family was composed of 63 people but only 21 survived,” she said.

Mukarubuga disclosed that Interahamwe militiamen surrounded them, threw grenades and fired several bullets among them in the night of 20th April 1994.

Senator Prof. Jean Pierre Dusingizemungu who delivered a talk at the event, explained how the first and second republics resepctively led by Gregoire Kayibanda and Juvenal Habyarimana fuelled ethnic divisionism.

“A learner in primary school had a document showing his/her ethnic identity. The home was also known when the pupil turned seven years old,” he noted.

As Prof. Dusingizemungu explained, students at the time did not get equal opportunities to access education as those identified as Tutsis continued to be persecuted.

He however thanked the current government which reunited Rwandans and promoted reconciliation for people to live in harmony.

The President of IBUKA, Egide Nkuranga said that commemorating is a way to preserve memory of victims killed during Genocide against Tutsi.

“The youth need to be deeply taught the history of Genocide against Tutsi and learn more from testimonies,” he said.

The Ministry of Local Government, Jean Marie Vianney Gatabazi has said that the youth need to be properly raised lest they are lured by propagandists propagating Genocide ideology.

He also blamed the bad leadership which planned and executed Genocide, and comforted survivors reassuring them of continued support to promote their wellbeing through different programs.

65 remains of Genocide victims were accorded decent burial at the event.
Minister Gatabazi honouring Genocide victims laid at the memorial.