9.8 megawatt power plant launched in Nyabihu

On 31 December 2020 at 01:43

Rwanda Mountain Tea (RMT) Energy Development Ltd has launched Giciye III hydropower plant located in Rugera sector of Nyabihu district, Western Province with the capacity to produce 9.8 megawatts.

RMT Energy development Ltd is a subsidiary of Rwanda Mountain Tea , a company with ventures in tea plantations, processing, blending and packaging facilities in Rwanda.

The construction of Giciye III cost US$ 38 million.

Residents in neighborhood of the hydropower have welcomed the infrastructure expected to drive livelihoods transformations.

“I got employment during construction of the plant that I was able to feed and clothe my six children at school. I have also bought small livestock and garden from savings. With the completion of this power plant, our houses will be connected to electricity and run other income generating activities,” said Mutuyimana Gaudence.

Nsabimana Onesphore was also employed at the plant. As he said, Nsabimana made a good use of received income that he bought two cows, gardens and built a house.

The General Manager of Rwanda Mountain Tea Ltd and coordinator of construction activities at Giciye III, Kabeja Alain thanked the Government of Rwanda for providing investment opportunities in development projects.

“First of all, we voice appreciation to the Government of Rwanda under the stewardship of President Paul Kagame for providing investment opportunities in different sectors. We are ready to take advantage of it and tap into such opportunities without leaving behind interests of residents,” he said.

The CEO of Rwanda Energy Group (REG), Ron Weiss highlighted that the hydropower plant is a great contribution to Rwanda’s goal for universal electricity access by 2024.

The Governor of Western Province, Munyantwari Alphonse thanked RMT Energy for setting up the hydropower that will connect neighboring residents to electricity.

“In the past, we would launch hydropower plants producing 2 megawatts sometimes belonging to foreign companies. We considered it a great achievement. The plant reflects where our progress stands. Our thanks go to RMT Energy for the partnership additional to existing collaboration with tea processing plants,” he said.

Construction activities of Giciye III hydropower plant took 18 months since March 2019. RMT Energy will manage the plant for 25 years before handover to the Government as per agreements.

Giciye III is additional to more four hydropower plants built by RMT Energy development ltd including Giciye I and Giciye II generating electricity from River Giciye in Nyabihu district as well as two plants in Burera and Rubavu.

All these plants have a cumulative capacity to produce 20 megawatts.

Officials at the launch of Giciye III hydropower plant.