A journey into Wuxi Studios, China’s cinematic wonderland

By Théophile Niyitegeka
On 2 April 2024 at 04:14

In the lively city of Wuxi, China’s Jiangsu Province, there’s a magical spot where imagination and technology meet, drawing in anyone who visits—Wuxi Studios, also known as the Wuxi National Digital Film Industrial Park.

This special place, which used to be a huge steel mill, has been transformed into a hub for movie-making magic, making it a key player in China’s adventure into digital film and TV production.

Since it opened up in 2013, Wuxi Studio has been inviting people to dive into the exciting world of China’s growing film and TV scene, earning itself the nickname "Huallywood," China’s own version of ‘Hollywood’.

The expansive 6,000,000 square meter park has swiftly risen to prominence, attracting around 500 film and TV production enterprises by 2021.

This beacon of creativity not only boasts of producing many award-winning works but also plays a pivotal role in thrusting the Chinese film and TV industry onto the international stage. As we delve deeper into the heart of Wuxi Studio, its allure becomes increasingly palpable, beckoning us to explore its myriad of features and unique aspects.

At the core of Wuxi Studio’s charm is its adaptive reuse of industrial space, marrying historical significance with cutting-edge technology.

With this harmonious blend, the park has become a sanctuary for creators and artists, providing a comprehensive suite of services that span the entire film and TV production chain—from shooting to post-production, and even film promotion.

This seamless integration of services not only fosters creativity but also enhances efficiency, making Wuxi Studio a magnet for both domestic and international productions.

As we venture further, the studio’s commitment to innovation becomes increasingly clear. It houses facilities that cater to a wide array of filming needs, featuring augmented reality, digital personalities, and even animatronic dinosaurs.

These technological marvels are not just tools but also sources of inspiration, pushing the boundaries of storytelling and visual representation.

Today, the studio’s embrace of such advanced technology has been instrumental in the creation of over 1,200 films and TV series, including hits like "The Captain," "The Doctor," and "The Wandering Earth."

Beyond its technological prowess, Wuxi Studio is also a cultural hub, hosting the Taihu Lake Film and Culture Industry Investment Summit annually since 2017.

This event is not just a testament to the studio’s influence in the industry but also a platform for fostering discussions on the future development of the film and TV industry in Wuxi and beyond.

Furthermore, the studio’s status as a 4A-level scenic area offers visitors a unique opportunity to step into famous scenes from film and TV works, blurring the lines between fiction and reality.

One cannot discuss Wuxi Studio without mentioning its role as a leisure destination. Home to China’s only movie-themed bookstore, the studio transcends its function as a production facility, offering a sanctuary for film enthusiasts and casual visitors alike. This bookstore, celebrated as one of the most beautiful in Jiangsu, sells film-themed souvenirs and artworks, creating a tangible connection between visitors and the magic of cinema.

Owned and operated by the China Research Institute of Film Science & Technology (CRIFST), Wuxi Studios is not just a film production facility; it is a dream realized. Established with the collaborative efforts of various ministries and provinces, the studio stands as a testament to the visionary leap China has taken towards establishing a digital film and television industry.

With facilities ranging from technology studios to underwater special effects studios and a 5G smart virtual photography joint laboratory, Wuxi Studio represents the future of filmmaking.

As the curtain falls on our exploration of Wuxi Studios, it’s clear that this jewel in Jiangsu Province is more than just a production powerhouse; it’s a beacon of innovation and a testament to the transformative power of vision and determination.

At the industrial park, once can see animatronic dinosaurs
Monuments showcasing the film production process are seen at the park
The park has become a sanctuary for creators and artists, providing a comprehensive suite of services
The park is located in Wuxi City , Jiangsu Province.
Different vehicles used in the process of film shooting are also seen at the digital industrial park
There are also designated places for royal characters' shootings.

Théophile Niyitegeka / Jiangsu, China