A new 29-storey skyscraper to transform Kigali’s skyline

By Théophile Niyitegeka
On 15 September 2023 at 08:39

For years, Kigali City Tower (KCT) has proudly stood as Rwanda’s tallest building, boasting an impressive 20 storeys and a price tag of over US$20 billion (equivalent to Rwf20 billion). However, the KCT’s reign as the tallest structure in Rwanda is set to change dramatically within the next three years, as plans are underway to construct a groundbreaking skyscraper in Kigali, the first of its kind in the country.

This visionary project is spearheaded by the Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) and is aptly named the Kigali Green Complex (KGC). Located at the former premises of the French cultural center near the main roundabout in Kigali City, along the road leading to Payage, KGC aims to redefine the city’s skyline.

KGC is slated to be a remarkable green building, soaring to 29 storeys in height. During a press conference held on September 14th, 2023, the Director General of RSSB, Regis Rugemanshuro, shared his enthusiasm for the project, describing it as an extraordinary addition to the city.

"KGC will be a towering symbol of modernity, boasting eco-friendly features that align with contemporary standards," noted Rugemanshuro.

As of now, the preliminary planning phase has been completed, and a tender has been issued, inviting construction companies to submit their proposals. Rugemanshuro expressed confidence that the project would likely commence in October, with an estimated completion timeline of 2.5 to three years.

While the exact budget for KGC remains undisclosed due to ongoing negotiations with the construction company, Rugemanshuro stressed that the project aligns seamlessly with Rwanda’s vision of becoming a hub for various services, including technology, economics, health, and sports. He further anticipated that the new skyscraper would attract increased investment to the country.

Upon its completion, KGC is poised to claim the title of Rwanda’s tallest building, surpassing the KCT, Grand Pension Plaza (20 storeys), and Makuza Peace Plaza (15 storeys). On a broader scale, in Africa, the list of tall buildings is currently led by the Carlton Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa, comprising an impressive 56 storeys and towering at a height of 227 meters.

Globally, the reigning champion in the skyscraper race is the Burj Khalifa, located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), which has maintained its top spot for the past 13 years. This iconic structure stands at an astounding height of 828 meters, boasting a staggering 163 storeys.

As for RSSB, its total assets are estimated at an impressive Rwf2065 billion, equivalent to a remarkable 15% of Rwanda’s GDP, demonstrating its significant role in the country’s economic landscape.