A thousand hills, a thousand lights!

By Clinton Chirenje
On 4 August 2023 at 11:31

Prepare to step out of your comfort zone, dear Rwandans, for an event that promises to dazzle, inspire, and take your breath away! As Hotel des Mille Collines celebrates its iconic 50th-anniversary today, a truly extraordinary spectacle awaits you under the twinkling stars of Kigali’s night sky.

On this Saturday, at precisely 9 pm, the very skies will come alive above Hotel des Mille Collines. A captivating Drone Show, unlike anything you’ve ever witnessed, will grace the sky, painting a shimmering tapestry of lights and colors, all choreographed to perfection.

Why stay indoors when history unfolds before our very eyes? This is not just a mere celebration; it’s a grand fusion of technology, art, and tradition. A manifestation of the resilience, creativity, and joy that epitomizes the spirit of Rwanda.

As the drones dance, you’ll feel the echo of the hills, the whisper of the winds, and the pulse of the vibrant culture that we all hold dear. The Drone Show at Hotel des Mille Collines is more than entertainment; it’s a symbol of unity and a beacon of innovation.

Imagine hundreds of drones moving in harmony, creating shapes, and narrating stories that resonate with our hearts. Picture yourself standing amidst fellow Rwandans, your eyes reflecting the gleaming spectacle, your heart swelling with pride and joy. This is the moment to celebrate not only an iconic hotel but the shared dreams and aspirations of a nation.

Indulge in a night filled with excitement and wonderment. If you have not secured your ticket you can just simply step out of your house and gaze into the sky as the stars today will be also witnessing mesmeric art from the heart of Africa.

Hotel des Mille Collines has stood as a beacon of luxury, history, and grace. Its story has been told through generations, and now it invites you to be part of a new chapter. A chapter filled with awe, inspiration, and collective joy.

Don’t let this moment pass you by. Gather your friends, bring your family, and join us in a celebration that transcends time. For tonight, let’s come together, Rwandans, young and old, to witness something truly magical.

A thousand hills, a thousand flavors, and now, a thousand lights. This is our story. This is our night. Let’s make it unforgettable.

Do not miss out on the drone show.