ABC Group launches special charcoal and smart toilets

By Nicole Kamanzi M.
On 27 October 2020 at 08:02

A company which specializes in the bathroom and toiletries business, ABC Group, has once again proven that there is no need to go outside Rwanda to find good quality charcoal and smart toilets.

The group, which has been operating in Rwanda for two years, has been a staple in the use of state-of-the-art bath and toilet facilities.

This is further emphasized by the introduction of modern toilets known as TOTO Neorest, which uses electricity and has modern technology, with auto-cleaning capacity.

These toilets work with movement detection, and can clean both the sitting area and the inside of it automatically.

Another special feature of this toilet is that it does not consume too much water, it consume between four to six liters as per user. It also has the ability to spray incense to eliminate bad smells in the bathroom.

They also thought about builders, bringing them special Polyceraine 1600x800 charcoal in Rwandan market, and at the same time making it easy to save space and bring more quality to the buildings.

These charcoal are available in a variety of colors including black, white, brown and gray. It has a size of 80 x160 M, making it only one charcoal in a large area.

Ajay Kumar, CEO of ABC Group Rwanda, told IGIHE that they are satisfied with the Rwandan market, and therefore have continue to bring quality and modern equipment.

"We are pleased with the relationship between us and our customers, which has strengthened our ability to bring these products that can be found nowhere else but in Rwanda, and we also wanted to expand our market," he said.

Ajay Kumar went on saying that they chose these new materials because they would make Rwandans lives easy, seeing that they are durable and cheap.

"There are other kinds of charcoal and toilets but not like these, these are unique because they are durable, easy to use and when you look at the prices, you find them low compering to their duration.”

In addition to the new equipment they have brought, in ABC Group one can also find Estonian bathtubs, Bathx and Toto, Porcelain and Ceramic charcoal and smart toilets that are popular in developed countries.

ABC Group began operations in 1998 and has now become a champion in the bathroom and toiletries business. It currently has branches around the world such as Qatar, Oman, China, Uganda and Tanzania.

For more information email: [email protected] or call 0786661007 and 0789070770. You can also find them at the MIC building in central Kigali.

These toilets work with movement detection, and can clean both the sitting area and the inside of it automatically.
ABC Group has brought good quality charcoal
Ajay Kumar, CEO of ABC Group Rwanda