Abercrombie & Kent’s private jets bringing high-end tourists to Rwanda

On 23 February 2023 at 01:40

At around 13:30 p.m. on Thursday 16th February 2023, Abercrombie & Kent’s Boeing 757 jet landed at Kigali International Airport.

The plane was carrying over 60 high-end tourists eager to explore the attractive beauty of the African continent.

Abercrombie & Kent is an award winning luxury travel company, offering luxury vacations, private tours and small group adventures worldwide.

The tourists spent four days in Rwanda as the country was recently added to the list of its top global destinations.

Calling them high-end tourists does not come by accident. Each of them pays around US$200,000 to join tourists travelling around the world for 30 days to enjoy unique destinations on their luxury vacations arranged by Abercrombie & Kent.

Making the payments, give tourists the chance to travel to different destinations around the world including three African countries. They also visit Rwanda onboard a large Boeing 757 plane customized into a private jet to secure enough space and provide comfort for passengers onboard.

Tourists receive special treatment be it in terms of culinary experiences and other services needed during their flight.

While Boeing 757 is normally designed to carry between 200 and 295 passengers, Abercrombie & Kent’s plane was customized to host 60 people onboard with seats resembling the ones of ‘business class’.

The jet flies with a doctor specialized in different diseases and a Michelin Chef.

As they arrived at Kigali International Airport in Rwanda, the tourists were driven off to Musanze in Northern Province where they spent four days.

It was an opportunity for them to trek Volcanoes to see rare mountain gorilla species and monkeys, visited a research center which carries the name of Diana Fossey, a celebrated gorilla conservationist who died in 1985 and various markets in Kinigi and Musanze.

They spent three nights at luxury hotels in Musanze where the price for accommodation does not go below US$4000 (over Rwf4.3 million) per day.

The expenses exclude shopped items, payments to tourist guides and land-based transportation where those with the least expenses did not spend below Rwf20 million within four days.

Their coming to Rwanda is a fruit of the country’s efforts to market its tourism offerings through Visit Rwanda campaign and signed partnerships with prominent teams in Europe like Arsenal and FC and Paris Saint Germain.

The campaign went hand in hand with the development of infrastructure including hotels that accommodated tourists brought by Abercrombie & Kent.

Abercrombie & Kent always sends tourists to safe countries, rich in touristic attractions and promising to put tourists’ satisfaction to a high-table position.

Rwanda is on CNN’s list of top destinations in 2023.

During an exclusive interview with IGIHE; Paul Muvunyi, the Chairman and Director for Abercrombie & Kentin Rwanda thanked the Government of Rwanda for expended efforts to promote tourism.

Muvunyi has been a key player in the tourism sector for over 20 years.

“The arrival of the tourists through Abercrombie & Kent is a testament that the broad agenda and vision of our country are yielding good results and beneficial to many,” he said.

Muvunyi explained that tourism sector would not have attained the current progress, hadn’t it been the country’s infrastructure development, security and good leadership.

He disclosed that they work with Rwanda Development Board (RDB) along the journey to enrich tourists’ experiences from their arrival at the airport until their return.

Muvunyi has however observed that more need to be done to increase tourism offerings luring tourists to prolong their stay.

He said that they are making possible effort to convince high-end tourists to visit Rwanda regularly and extend their sojourn to explore various attractions.

The tourists brought by Abercrombie & Kent spent most of their time in Rwanda with Tour Guides.

Jean Paul Kabalisa, who was part of them, has told IGIHE that it requires enough preparations to make their sojourn memorable.

“It requires updates on their itinerary to do what suits their plans in the right time,” he said.

Kabalisa revealed that tourists brought by Abercrombie & Kent receive excellent services as the case for the recent cohort where the majority was comprised of guests in advanced age.

Abercrombie & Kent luxury travel company was founded by Geoffrey Kent and his parents Valerie and Colonel John Kent in 1962.

It delivers luxury travel experiences in more than 100 countries across the world with branches in over 50 countries and employees 2500 dedicated travel experts.

Abercrombie & Kent’s latest branch was opened in Rwanda.

Abercrombie & Kent's private jet which recently landed at Kigali International Airport.
Abercrombie & Kent has launched operations in Rwanda.
Tourists using Abercrombie & Kent's private jets receive excellent services.
Abercrombie & Kent tourists are treated to excellent culinary experiences.
Paul Muvunyi, the Chairman and Director for Abercrombie & Kent with tour guides helping tourists visiting Rwanda.
Abercrombie & Kent's private jet recently brought 60 tourists in Rwanda.