Access Bank Rwanda Plc celebrates customers in ‘Customer Service Week’

On 6 October 2020 at 03:21

Access Bank Rwanda is celebrating its customers during the ongoing ‘Customer Service Week’, in which the bank is committed to appreciating its customers and strive to build stronger bond of partnership with its customers.

Oluseun Onasoga, Executive Director of Business Development at Access Bank Rwanda, explained to IGIHE that Access Bank is committed to its customers and this was reinforced due to one of the Bank’s core values – passion for customers

“We recognize that the customer is “King” and our processes, actions are created with the intent of ensuring the customers experience at every of our touch points are not only exceptional but seamless, stress-free and professionally engaging. Our vision, mission and core values are built around making a positive impact to our customers – first and also the market we operate in.” says Oluseun

The Bank has been in the market for about a decade plus. In our drive to be a better team player to our customers, The Bank increased its equity which is targeted at ensuring we are able to deliver bespoke financial and digital solutions to our customers ensuring that our customers see us not only as a Bank but a “team player” a financial partner, an institution built to be more than banking…

This year’s theme, ‘Dream Team’ highlights the importance of teamwork in providing outstanding service to all customers. This theme is more so relevant for us having invested substantially in digital solutions and process upgrade, to project our customers as the most important part of the Access Team and to ensure that the way we think and behave is entirely to our customers’ benefit.

There will be different activities expected to take place in the Customer Service Week, including meeting with customers in one-on-one sessions, using social media and reaching out to them in different ways, and exciting surprises.

Oluseun also mentioned that beyond this week, the Bank still has plans to celebrate its customers through the launch of some of our digital solutions that will affirm our commitment to be a team player to the customer.

While the world is grappling with Covid-19 impacts, Access Bank Rwanda has made its efforts to understand the difficulties their customers are navigating through, and so they “provided them with financial guidance they needed in this difficult time”.

This was done during our extensive – Executive Outreach Engagement which was done in Q2-2020. Such guidance was crucial to customers who were pondering which move to take next, as the pandemic shut down any door for future predictions.

The bank has also intensified its remote connectivity platform with its customers through investing in digital financial solutions, which enable customers to access their Bank easily and conveniently conduct their financial transactions.

Access Bank Rwanda is part of Access Bank Group, which has presence in 12 different countries across Africa and beyond including: Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, The Gambia, DR Congo, Sierra Leone, Mozambique, Kenya, Lebanon, UAE, China and United Kingdom making it one of the biggest financial institutions on the continent.