Activities that marked second-day visit of Prince Charles to Rwanda

On 23 June 2022 at 09:18

On Tuesday, 21st June, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall arrived in Rwanda for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). CHOGM 2022 brings together the leaders of the 54 Commonwealth countries to reaffirm common values and agree on policies to improve the lives of its 2.5 billion citizens.

The second day of his visit to Rwanda, on Wednesday 22nd June 2022, was marked by different activities including a visit to Kigali Genocide Memorial, holding talks with President Paul Kagame among others.

Prince Charles who was accompanied by the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla is in Rwanda the first time to represent Queen Elizabeth II.

Below are activities that marked the second-day visit of Prince Charles to Rwanda.

Kigali Genocide Memorial

Prince Charles started his visits to Kigali Genocide Memorial, where he received a tour of the Memorial’s exhibits, including personal effects and photographs of the victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Outside, The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall were shown the mass graves beside the Wall of Names and paid tribute to victims laid there.

The Kigali Genocide Memorial is the final resting place for more than 250,000 victims of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and was officially opened in 2004, to mark the tenth commemoration of the Genocide.

The centre serves as a place where survivors can grieve for and remember their lost loved ones. It also serves as a museum where both local and international visitors can learn about the history and consequences of the Genocide.

Meeting with President Kagame and First Lady

Prince Charles and Camilla then travelled to the Office of the President, where they were welcomed by a Guard of Honour from the Republic Guard, before being received on the steps by the President of the Republic of Rwanda, Paul Kagame and the First Lady of the Republic of Rwanda, Jeannette Kagame.

Nyamata Genocide Memorial

Following meetings at the Office of the President, The Prince of Wales visited the Nyamata Genocide Memorial, one of Rwanda’s six National Genocide Memorials.

Having looked inside the church to observe the clothing and personal effects of the victims, The Prince of Wales moved outside to lay a wreath on the mass grave, before pausing for a moment of reflection and signing the visitors book.

Mbyo Reconciliation Village

After visiting the Nyamata Genocide Memorial, The Prince travelled to the Mbyo Reconciliation Village, where he was welcomed by local leaders, and traditional singing and dancing by the villagers.

He then met with six Genocide survivors and perpetrators, who now live together in the village and listened to a testimony from both a survivor and perpetrator.

The Mbyo Reconciliation Village is one of eight similar reconciliation villages in Rwanda, where survivors and perpetrators of the Genocide against the Tutsi live alongside each other. The Perpetrators re-integrate into society by publicly apologizing for their crimes and the survivors profess their forgiveness.

Albertine Rift Conservation Society agroforestry site

Concluding day two, The Prince of Wales visited the Albertine Rift Conservation Society (ARCOS) agroforestry site. Here, he walked through the tree nursery and learnt more about the work ARCOS is doing to enhance biodiversity conservation and the sustainable management of natural resources.

The Prince of Wales then continued towards the bank of the wetland, where he witnessed a solar-powered irrigation system and heard about efforts to conserve the wetland through changes to cultivation practices.

Meeting with President Kagame at Urugwiro Village

Visit to Kigali Genocide Memorial

Visit to Nyamata Genocide Memorial

Visit to Mbyo Reconciliation Village

Albertine Rift Conservation Society agroforestry site visit