Adam Bradford in partnership to provide economic opportunities for young people in Rwanda

On 24 August 2022 at 09:03

Social entrepreneur and Queen’s Young Leader Adam Bradford, 29, originally from Sheffield in the United Kingdom, has unveiled the Agency’s latest partnership focused on providing economic opportunities and up-skilling for young people across Africa, beginning in Rwanda.

Adam, who has run a number of programmes to develop entrepreneurship globally, is one of the Queen’s Young Leaders – an award which recognises the leadership of young people in their communities. He is a well known social entrepreneur and advocate for young people and ethical business.

Since attending the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Kigali, Rwanda in June of this year, the Adam Bradford Agency (ABA) has sought to forge meaningful and powerful partnerships to continue its mission to make ‘everyone a change maker’. According to a statement released by ABA, this involves equipping the next generation with the skills, confidence, opportunities and environment to thrive in their communities through business and social impact.

The Agency, which has been operating since 2011, has global bases in the United Kingdom, USA, Middle East and now Africa. It has a history of running impactful development programmes alongside its consultancy work with businesses to help them reach new markets and achieve social impact.

Adam and the Agency have teamed up with Rwanda Opportunities Organisation (RwandOpp) located in Nyabihu District, Western Province in Rwanda to launch a series of programmes across the next twelve months which will empower young people, develop rural communities and encourage entrepreneurship.

Commenting on the development; Ama Ase, Entrepreneurship Manager at the Agency has said that the inaugural programme - a rural hackathon, will see teams of young people come up with ideas which will improve their local communities and be given corporate mentorship, training, financial assistance and access to global networks to take the ideas further.

"As part of the success criteria, the hackathon will identify and solve major rural problems by bringing together diverse groups of young innovative thinkers and potential change makers, hence, improving rural people’s livelihoods in a sustainable manner through their solutions. Innovative start-ups contribute significantly to economic growth and employment nationwide. They also help to develop new and innovative solutions to challenges faced by traditional industries through cross sector innovation, thereby creating a more dynamic and competitive society. It is sure a step towards sustainable socio-economic development in the region," he said.

Emmanuel Nshimiyimana, the CEO and Co-Founder of Rwanda Opportunities Organisation (RwandOpp) has revealed that introducing Rwanda Opportunities Organization in a rural area has helped to understand more about rural youth’s abilities, creativity and talents that need development, mentorship and opportunities for success.

"Working with Adam Bradford Agency is a great opportunity for us to maximize the impact and reach out to many youths from rural areas in Rwanda who sometimes lack opportunities for success in their lives and communities," he said.

"Together we will equip them with development and entrepreneurship skills to shape them into entrepreneurs and change makers. We thank Adam Bradford Agency for this impactful partnership and for furthering progress after the global Covid–19 pandemic’s challenges," added Nshimiyimana.

Having been inspired by the commitment, values and opportunities to do business which makes a positive impact in Rwanda, Adam has recently become a resident of Rwanda and sees much optimism for the future emanating out of the region.

"It has to be said that you cannot do anything which makes an impact on young people and economic development without placing the heart of that work in Africa. Working with our extended family at Rwanda Opprtunities Organisation (RwandOpp) we are really excited to be able to inspire entrepreneurship, develop communities and build a long-lasting partnership where everyone across communities benefits. It goes without saying that the warmth and openness of Rwanda made it the perfect place for us to build our African home and I am personally looking forward to everything our new expansion holds for the future," he noted.

Adam Bradford, Queen’s Young Leaders award winner has entered into partnership with Rwanda Opportunities Organisation to provide economic opportunities for young people in Rwanda. Photo by David Mugisha