Addressya, Society for Family Health Rwanda launch partnership to improve access to affordable essential health services

On 22 June 2022 at 10:26

Addressya and Society for Family Health Rwanda (SFH) have launched a partnership to improve access to affordable essential health services. SFH provides subsidized healthcare products while Addressya provides Addressing as a Service to register all the locations to make them fully accessible to the communities.

SFH will use Addressya’s digital addressing platform to make it easy for anyone to find their locations, improve internal logistics, as well as plan, monitor, and evaluate their operations. Ultimately, improving customer service and availability.

The registered addresses have been combined into one customized directory and embedded on the SFH website. The addresses combine GPS coordinates, with official address data made available by the government, as well as user-generated information (picture, phone numbers), opening hours and navigation support.

Commenting on the development; Karoline Beronius, the CEO and Co-founder of Addressya said: "We believe in equal access to goods and services, and want to make sure that companies and service providers can reach all citizens and consumers. Together with SFH, we are transforming the way people access essential goods and services.”

Addressya is the digital addressing infrastructure of tomorrow made available today.

The digital addressing infrastructure allows the company to provide tomorrow’s infrastructure today. Addresses only need registering once, can be updated and improved instantly at any time, and are easy to share through unique links, and displayed in the customized directory.

"We are using Addressya to ensure that our communities get easy access to essential health products and services, and strategically plan our locations to bridge any gaps in service delivery,” said Manasseh Wandera, the Executive Director of SFH Rwanda.

About Addressya

Addressya AB is a Swedish company improving access, opportunities, inclusion partnerships, and trade through addressing.

It was created in response to the fact that 4 billion people, businesses, and governments worldwide suffer from the lack of addresses.

Addressya enables everyone to create a precise, complete, and easy-to-use address to get access to public and private goods and services, as well as new opportunities. To businesses, we offer Addressing as a Service.

Addressya is a result of many years of working with ICT for development in Africa, Central Asia, Latin America, and Europe. Addressya is present in Uganda, Rwanda, and RSA.

You can read more about Addressya here

About SFH Rwanda

The Society for Family Health Rwanda (SFH) was founded in 2012 as a result of a collaboration between Population Services International (PSI), the Rwandan government (via the Ministry of Health) and USAID. Their primary purpose is to improve the health of Rwandan communities. SFH provides communities with readily available life-saving products, accurate health information, and services that enable them to make informed and healthy decisions.

To influence social and behavioural norms, SFH Rwanda collaborates with local communities, community-based organisations, and partners. SFH Rwanda seeks to ensure that everyone has access to good health.

The main interventions of SFH Rwanda are focused on encouraging behaviour change techniques through innovations in health communication and social marketing in areas such as HIV/AIDs, malaria, family planning, water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), nutrition, maternal and Child Health, and finally access to healthcare.

SFH will use Addressya’s digital addressing platform to make it easy for anyone to find their locations.
Addresses only need registering once, can be updated and improved instantly at any time.