Africa Uniforms donates 14,200 masks to vulnerable residents

On 28 December 2020 at 01:17

Africa Uniforms Ltd has donated 14,200 face masks to vulnerable communities in Kicukiro, Musanze, Kamonyi and Rwamagana districts. The masks with the Rwandan colors stripe in the middle will be used to contain the spread of coronavirus pandemic.

The donation is part of ‘Together We Fight COVID-19’ Campaign in Rwanda launched by Africa Uniforms Ltd, a specialized uniforms and apparel manufacturing company under its new brand ‘Afriwear’ in partnership with New Hope for Future, a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to support needy people.

The first event took place at a modern village of survivors of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and Groupe Scolaire Masaka on 20th November 2020 where 3,000 masks were donated.

At the occasion, the Executive Secretary of Masaka Sector Mr. Alexis Segatashya thanked Africa Uniforms and NHF for their generosity.

“Today, we have started a campaign in our sector to encourage everyone to wear masks so that we can keep fighting against the spread of COVID-19. It is with great honor to welcome and thank our friends from Africa Uniforms and NHF for their enormous support to people in the community. Donated masks are composed of two-layers with a filter space. Tissue paper can be replaced from time to time as a filter to enhance protection,” he said.

New Hope for Future Deputy Legal Representative, Madam Languide Nyirabahire, emphasized that these masks are washable which means they are environmental-friendly and can be re-used. She encouraged beneficiaries from the Modern Village in Iyabalaya and the students from Groupe Scolaire de Masaka to always wear masks and wash hands.

On behalf of Africa Uniforms, Mr. Long Ngan observed that the company takes pride for 10 years existence in Rwanda and reiterated commitment to give back to communities especially during these hard times of COVID-19.

“We want to contribute and play a key role in social wellness for the people in Rwanda. This is only the first of many donations we will be organizing alongside with NHF. The masks we designed and manufactured are 100% ‘Made in Rwanda’. Together we can fight against COVID-19,” he noted.

Subsequently on 30th November 2020, a total of 3,700 masks were donated to the village of Muko and Groupe Scholaire Muko in Musanze district.

Triphose Murekatete, the Executive Secretary of Muko Sector, expressed gratitude to New Hope for Future and Africa Uniforms for their donations.

“This village has so many vulnerable people who could not afford even one mask. Some parents are not able to afford masks for their kids to go to school. As you can see, people are wearing sub-standard masks. We are really overwhelmed to receive such donations. I also hope that you shall come to help our sector in other different areas such as healthcare or school supplies for students. We look forward to working with you in the future,” she underscored.

Mr. Steven Ntwali from Africa Uniforms demonstrated the proper way of wearing these masks. As he explained, these masks are designed in Hong Kong and produced in Rwanda. The filter layer shall offer similar protection ability to block droplets just like a typical disposable surgical mask.

The Campaign continued in Kamonyi District and Rwamagana districts through the help of district vice mayors who are in charge of Social Affairs. 3,000 masks and 4,500 masks were donated to each district respectively.

About New Hope for Future

New Hope for Future is a non-profit organization with a mission to advance child rights and well-being based on safe family by providing sustainable and innovative solutions. The organization frequently works together with partners and stakeholders to help children nationwide.

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Children are among beneficiaries.
Face masks were donated to vulnerable residents in four districts.
Mr. Steven Ntwali from Africa Uniforms demonstrated the proper way of wearing these masks.