Airtel Rwanda pioneers 4G LTE network

On 22 July 2023 at 09:30

Airtel Rwanda has taken a significant stride in the telecom industry by becoming the first company to launch its 4G LTE internet service for individuals, homes, and businesses in Rwanda. The momentous launch, held on Saturday, saw the company offering 4G bundles at the same price as its previous 3G internet bundles.

The 4G network, which went live on Friday, July 21, allows customers to enjoy high-speed internet whether they are at home, offices, or any other location.

Emmanuel Hamez, the Managing Director of Airtel Rwanda, expressed his excitement about the development, emphasizing that the telecom is committed to providing 4G internet at the same price as its 3G service.

"We are thrilled to announce that World Class 4G tariff plans will come at the same price as customers are currently paying for 3G!" Hamez stated. "This will enable customers to quickly transition to 4G with the simplicity of the similar plans that they are familiar with. As such, all our popular ’Ubuntu’ packs, which include free minutes and SMS along with data, will now include 4G services. It is simple for the customer to set their handset on LTE mode."

The decision to offer 4G speeds at 3G prices is aimed at elevating Airtel Rwanda’s product offerings and increasing access to high-quality broadband for customers. Additionally, the telecom anticipates a surge in the adoption of 4G devices as faster internet speeds will no longer be hindered by high costs.

Customers can look forward to a host of benefits with the new 4G network, including streaming high-definition content, enjoying real-time video games, and experiencing reduced buffering during video calls and virtual meetings.

Airtel Rwanda’s mission is to provide an ultra-fast, ultra-reliable network that offers seamless connectivity to homes and businesses. This aligns with the company’s commitment to driving digital inclusivity across more regions of Rwanda.

"The launch of our very own 4G LTE network is a demonstration of our commitment to providing access to affordable quality connectivity services to all Rwandans," said Hamez. "We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our key stakeholders for creating the enabling environment that made it possible for Airtel Rwanda to offer 4G LTE services to our customers. The company remains committed to leading innovation in the Rwandan market by providing choice to Rwandans because of significant investment in network coverage, consistent network quality, and quality of service in addition to delivery on market-leading value for money."

The launch of the 4G network aligns with the publication of the national broadband policy in October 2022 by the Ministry of ICT and Innovation. The policy aims to improve service quality, ensure last-mile coverage, drive affordability, and promote innovations in the telecom sector.

Airtel Rwanda is fully committed to developing more innovative products that align with the government’s goals and cater to consumer demands.

Hamez expressed his gratitude to the authorities, particularly RURA (Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority) and the Ministry of ICT and Innovation, for their instrumental support in making the 4G LTE launch possible. As part of their commitment, Airtel plans to expand its network to bridge the digital divide and play an important role in Rwanda’s development.

The 4G network launch comes amidst the ongoing campaign "A Reason To Imagine," which encourages the youth to embrace technology.

The 4G network, which went live on Friday, July 21, allows customers to enjoy high-speed internet.
Customers can look forward to a host of benefits with the new 4G network, including streaming high-definition content.
The Managing Director of Airtel Rwanda, Emmanuel Hamez disclosed that the telecom is offering 4G internet to subscribers at the same price of 3G internet.
Indeajeet Singh, Chief Commercial Officer at Airtel Rwanda.