Airtel Rwanda revamps all net pack ‘Imirongo Yose’ to offer more minutes

On 6 February 2021 at 08:22

Airtel Rwanda has launched an enhanced Imirongo Yose All Net Pack that offers up to 100% more minutes to customers to call across all networks.

Launching the product, Amit Chawla, Airtel Rwanda Managing Director, said: “Imirongo Yose packs have been overhauled, offering even more minutes to call across all networks making it by far the best product in its category on the Rwandan Market”.

“We have increased the number of options to three for daily packs are 3 for weekly packs and ensured that the number of minutes to call either network are evenly matched” added Amit Chawla.

By dialling *255*3#, customers have the option to choose between the smallest Imirongo Yose daily pack has been priced at Rwf100 and gives our clients 10 Minutes to call Airtel and 10 Minutes to call the other network in addition to 10 SMS.

Alternatively, customers also have the option to load a pack priced at Rwf200 which offers 35 minutes to call Airtel and 35 minutes calling the other network in addition to 10 SMS, also with a duration of 24 hours.

This launch also includes a revamp of the weekly Imirongo Yose packs which have a starting price of Rwf500 , offering 70 Minute to call Airtel and 70 Minutes to call the other network plus 10 SMS.

We have also increased the minutes on the pack Rwf 1,000 offering 160 minutes to call Airtel and 160 minutes to call the other network plus 10 SMS and finally we have the largest weekly pack with a price point of Rwf1,500 offering 280 minutes to call Airtel and 280 minutes to call the other network plus 10 SMS.

To load Imirongo Yose voice packs, customers can dial *255*3# or use My Airtel App to select the pack that matches their needs.

For more information on visit https://www.airtel.co.rw/

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