Amb. Busingye hints at reason why the international community does not condemn Rwanda over M23 allegations

On 25 October 2022 at 01:26

The President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Felix Tshisekedi held a visit to the United Kingdom (UK) last week where he met with King Charles III and Congolese diaspora in the country. His discussions did not draw emphasis on investment opportunities but rather focused on his country’s allegations against Rwanda.

Despite the presence of armed groups in DRC which have increased to more than 130; Tshisekedi, his country’s cabinet members and Congolese at large have directed their attention to M23 rebel group which has been controlling Bunagana town at the border with Uganda for the past four months.

DRC has been accusing Rwanda of supporting M23 but the rebel group has repeatedly indicated that it wants the Congolese government to implement peace accords signed in 2013.

Rarely, one can find discussions involving Tshisekedi during his recent visit to the UK where he did not hint at Rwanda.

From talks held with King Charles III to his interactions with Congolese diaspora in UK, Rwanda remained on the table of discussions.

The Financial Times recently reported that Congolese continue to accuse Rwanda of waging a war in eastern DRC and blame Western countries for remaining silent on the issue.

Rwanda’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Johnston Busingye has hinted at the reasons why Congolese continue to yell but fail to get attention from targeted countries, mainly from Europe and the United States of America (USA).

Amb. Busingye has explained that DRC’s problems are domiciled in its capital Kinshasa where the country has to own up its problems instead of shifting the blame to others.

He went on to say that there is the presence of over 130 armed groups occupying large swathes of eastern DRC, violating every human right known to law including routinely raping women and girls but overlooked by the country.

“No Government isn’t worried because of violent armed rebel groups that sprout like mushrooms anywhere in the DRC,” Amb. Busingye tweeted.

Figures show that Congolese Army (FARDC) and ADF were main contributors to insecurity in eastern part of DRC from 2017 to 2022.

Reports indicate that ADF was involved in 451 incidents undermining security, FARDC in 416 while M23 was reportedly involved in one.

Considering the situation, Amb. Busingye said no government isn’t worried by the rate of violations of rights, including rape, murder and pillage among others committed by FARDC yet it still the national army still.

The United Nations (UN) Experts Report released in August this year accuses Rwanda of supporting M23 on one hand and blames DRC army for collaboration with FDLR terrorist group during its fight with M23.

The report indicates that the shelling on Rwandan territory in May this year was done on the order issued by FDLR officer who was working with Congolese soldiers.

“No Government wouldn’t be as worried as Rwanda that the FDLR, the Hutu extremist violent genocidal armed rebel militia, whose aim is violent return, is warmly hosted in the DRC since 1994, launches attacks on Rwanda at will, and commits untold crime against DRC citizens,” said Busingye.

Rwanda maintains that FDLR is the root cause for insecurity in eastern DRC, instead of the country’s accusations that Rwanda is behind its security problems.

The terrorist group has been spreading genocide ideology and harassed Kinyarwanda-speaking citizens whom partition history placed in Belgian Congo, Zaire in the current DRC.

This led to the creation of rebel groups including M23 to defend their rights.

Busingye highlights that Congolese government ignores the reality and accuse Rwanda of invading its land, supporting M23, pillaging gold, chimpanzees, and gorillas or quote a non-existent UN report ‘that can’t be remembered even in 12 hours’.

He wondered which position countries can consider or situation that would raise worries yet the country is putting forward baseless accusations.

“No Government isn’t aware that M23 is a DRC issue by identity, history and geography though DRC chooses distraction over reality,” said Amb. Busingye.

“To accuse is one, easy part. To accuse and try to prove is a different other part. But to accuse, regardless of proof, because it is politically expedient to do so, is a completely other part that takes a special type of courage to accomplish,” he added.

Analysts explain that Tshisekedi try to externalize his country’s problems to Rwanda to cover his shame over failing to fulfill promises to Congolese as he seeks to contend for another term next year.

On Monday 24th October 2022, the Government of Rwanda released a statement condemning DRC for continual blame games and contradictory assertions to externalize its problems to Rwanda yet it has not ceased to collaborate with FDLR.

Amb. Busingye has hinted at the reason why the international community does not condemn Rwanda over M23 allegations.