Amb. Czerwinski underscores relevance of cherishing memory of Genocide victims

On 19 May 2022 at 01:36

Ambassador Pawel Czerwinski, the Advisor for International Policy to the President of the Republic of Poland has said that commemorating the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi holds a great significance to efforts meant to prevent denial and reoccurrence.

He was speaking to IGIHE after the 28th commemoration of Genocide against Tutsi in Poland on 12th May 2022.

Amb. Pawel Czerwinski said that commemorating Genocide against Tutsi is an opportunity for the world to learn from what happened and honour fallen victims.

He underscored that it is very important to fight denial of such crimes because propagandists deny the history of Genocide be it the Holocaust, Genocide in Cambodia, Bosnia or Genocide against Tutsi claiming that nothing happened or distorting facts.

“We have such kind of cultural negationism and it is very important to prevent this because if remembrance vanishes, there won’t be a facto preventing humanity from allowing something like that to happen again,” he said.

Amb. Pawel also highlighted that the international community needs to concert efforts on mechanisms that will prevent violence both in domestic politics and also in international relations.

He said that it should be a rule for everyone across the world to ensure that violence does not take part of the process to solve any problems.

Among others, Amb. Pawel said that there should be mechanisms in which any country or politician in any part of the world must be held accountable for committed crimes by the international community be it sooner or later to prevent reoccurrence.

“The crime cannot remain unpunished. That is why Poland always supported the international tribunal for the crime of Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda. The painful side is one side of today’s commemoration but we have to look forward to the future,” he noted.

Amb. Pawel commended Rwanda’s progress in economic development, education and its contribution to peacekeeping efforts around the world.

Amb. Czerwinski has underscored the relevance of cherishing memory of Genocide victims.
Dignitaries chatting after attending the event.