Amb. Igor César presents credentials to represent Rwanda in Hungary

On 26 February 2021 at 10:01

Rwanda’s ambassador to Germany, Igor César has presented credentials to the president of Hungary, János Áder to represent Rwanda in the country.

Amb. Igor César presented letters of credence on Wednesday 24th February 2021 along with other envoys from Ethiopia, Paraguay, Saudi Arabia and North Korea to represent their respective countries to Hungary.

After presenting credentials, President János Áder held talks with Amb. César who conveyed greetings from his counterpart of Rwanda, Paul Kagame.

President János Áder welcomed Amb. César, wished him well in future endeavors, promised support to fulfill his duties and conveyed greetings to President of the Republic of Rwanda and Rwandans.

Before the ceremony, Amb. César had presented copies of credentials to the Chief Protocol of the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Hongrie, Iván Medveczky.

Amb. Igor Cesar also held discussions with the Head of Africa Department in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dr. Károly Benes.

Their discussions revolved around seeking ways to strengthen relations and cooperation between both countries drawing emphasis on fast tracking the implementation of agreements signed when Rwanda’s Minister of Foreign Affairs visited Hungary in February 2020.

They also agreed that reinforcing trade and investment will be among other areas characterizing bilateral cooperation.

Among others, Amb. César held talks with Hungary’s Director of Civil Aviation Authority and signed cooperation agreement on behalf of Rwanda’s Civil Aviation Authority. The agreements pave the way for the opening of airspace for aircrafts from both countries.

Igor César also represents Rwanda in Tcheque Republic, Pologne, Romania, Slovakia and Ukraine.

Hungary is represented in Rwanda by its embassy headquartered Nairobi, Kenya.