Amb. Nkulikiyimfura urges Rwandans to tap into opportunities available on French market

By Karirima Aimable Ngarambe
On 1 March 2023 at 12:13

Rwanda’s Ambassador in France, François Nkulikiyimfura has urged Rwandans participating in Paris International Agricultural Show to tap into advantages of the trade show and market their products because the country has a big clientele for agricultural yields.

Amb. Nkulikiyimfura made the call on 28th February 2023 as he interacted with ten Rwandan entrepreneurs participating in the trade show.

Rwanda is participating in the trade fair for the second time and received an award known as ‘Trophée des agricultures du monde’.

Amb. Nkulikiyimfura told them that investors need to expend much effort in exhibitions and bring their products in large quantities to meet the demand of diverse clientele.

Speaking to IGIHE, Amb. Nkulikiyimfura disclosed that the embassy is delighted with Rwanda’s participation noting that Rwandan companies made sales in large quantities, which gives optimism for an expanded market.

“You are showcasing today but this market will need your products in the future. France has a large market promising to help investors win clientele of the entire European market,” he noted.

“They have to make possible effort because their products gained popularity. The remaining thing is to increase the supply of products because they meet standards,” added Amb. Nkulikiyimfura.

He commended the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) and National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) for tireless efforts to market Rwanda’s visibility and promote the country’s brands at different exhibitions.

Products being showcased in Paris include coffee, avocadoes, honey, French beans, chili and vegetables of different varieties among others.

One of Rwandans participating in the exhibition, Nadege Uwamahoro representing coffee processing company dubbed Brampire Ltd, said that her participation is of great significance because she learnt a lot of best practices that will help her business to thrive.

“I got chance to interact with entrepreneurs from different countries involved in the same business and learnt from their innovations. It was an amazing experience to share each other’s expertise,” she disclosed.

Uwamahoro explained that the sharing of expertise is an addition to interactions with customers in the country where they were taken through market conditions and tipped on needed efforts to upgrade Rwanda’s market to the international level.

The Paris International Agricultural Show will run for eight days from 25th February to 5th March 2023.

The trade fair attracts players from the agriculture sector across the world to showcase their products and share expertise.

Other Rwandans participating in the trade show include Guershom Niyondorera from Aubin Produce International, Maggie Kagimbanyi Uwimbabazi representing COOPAC Ltd, Latifah Umugwaneza from High and Lum, Solange Murekezi Geantox, Uwingabiye from Aux Délices Honey Ltd, Ritha Umutoni from CGB ltd/Raphi coffee and zulaih Gatera representing zatoms.

Amb. François Nkulikiyimfura and Diane Sayinzoga, Head of Special Economic Zones and Export Facilitation Department at RDB visiting stands at Paris International Agricultural Trade Show 2023.
Yves Karatwa taking Amb. Nkulikiyimfura and Diane Sayinzoga through different parts of the exhibition.
Rwandan honey is being showcased in France.
Nadège Uwamahoro showing her products to Amb. Nkurikiyinka.
Rwandan products are showcased at the exhibition for the second time.
Amb. Nkulikiyimfura advised Rwandans to tap into opportunities available in France.
Amb. Nkulikiyimfura believes that winning French market would open doorways to Europe.
Rwandans are delighted for participation in the Paris International Agricultural Trade Show.
Rwandans have been urged to increase their products sold in France.
The award was presented to Rwanda as a recognition for the country's products meeting standards.
IGIHE journalist holding the award presented to Rwanda at the trade show in France.
IGIHE journalist Karirima visiting some of products showcased by Rwandans.
Livestock and their products are also showcased at the trade fair.
Karirima during an interview with Amb. Nkulikiyimfura.