Amb. Onalenna praises Rwanda’s remarkable transformation

By Jane Babirye
On 19 October 2023 at 03:20

The ambassador of Botswana in Rwanda, Andrew Onalenna Sesinyi has commended the country for its exemplary performance of turning from the troubled path to one that is full of hope and high expectations for prosperity.

He made the remarks after presenting credentials to President Paul Kagame on Wednesday 18th October 2023 pledging to enhance the excellent relationships that exist between Botswana and Rwanda.

"As you know, Rwanda has embarked on a remarkable journey and stands as a model of exemplary leadership. Through challenging times, it has evolved into a beacon of hope and prosperity not only for the people of Rwanda. This journey represents a remarkable transition towards a future filled with hope and high expectations," he exclaimed.

He also commended Rwanda for its innovative and effective policies in subsistence farming, setting remarkable examples not only for the entire African continent but also for developing countries worldwide.

In the same manner, Sesinyi appreciated Rwanda’s leadership which is known for democracy, good governance and planning, stating that the nation is not only a ’doer of marvellous things, but also a pace nation’.

“I feel empowered and enabled to continue to enhance the excellent relationships that exist between our two countries. We have excellent relations at several levels which include a joint permanent commission of corporation - an instrumental platform through which we expect to coordinate all the activities that mutually benefit our people,” he explained.

Kagame also received letters of credentials of envoys from the United States of America (USA), Spain, Malaysia, Czech Republic and Netherlands.

Speaking to the media after presenting his credentials, Eric Williams Kneedler, the ambassador of USA explained the three main areas of focus he presented to the Kagame.

These include; education of Rwandan students in America and vice-versa, expanding the economic and commercial linkages between the US and Rwanda and syncing and aligning partners with Rwanda’s National Strategy for Information (NSIT1) and NST2, in addition to other initiatives in the areas of health, environment, economic empowerment, among others.

Joan Jacobje Jantina, the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Rwanda expressed great honour for presenting her credentials to Kagame reckoning on the good relationship and cooperation the two countries have which dates many years back.

Committing to work together with the government of Rwanda, Joan hinted on some of the areas that Netherlands intends to cooperate on with Rwanda like the green economic cooperation, private sector development, all which align with Rwanda’s transformation agenda.

“Our partnership has grown stronger and stronger and it is based on mutual trust and confidence and I’m strongly believe that this confidence is also reflected in the decision of his excellency the president and the government of rwanda to open a mission in Prague in our capital,” said Nicol Adamcova, the ambassador Czech republic after presenting her credentials to Kagame.

Earlier this year, the Government of Rwanda built a mission in Prague, the capital of Czech Republic a thing Adamcova says is proof for the two nations partnership that dates back to 1994.

She further stressed Czech’s will to strengthen partnerships with Rwanda in the health sector, advanced technologies, digitalization, and trade missions.

On the other hand, the Ambassador of Malaysia- Ruzaimi Bin Mohamad expressed the need to improve economic cooperation between Malaysia and Rwanda, as both countries were greatly affected by COVID-19.

In August this year, Kagame received twelve credentials from envoys from South Korea, Pakistan, Ethiopia and Iran, among others.

Amb. Andrew Onalenna Sesinyi has praised Rwanda's remarkable transformation.