Angolans express interest to invest in Rwanda

On 18 November 2021 at 09:21

The delegation of 17 investors from Angola have come to Rwanda to learn from the country’s home grown solutions and explore investment opportunities to expand their businesses.

These investors have been taken through available opportunities and expressed interest to invest in Rwanda’s agriculture, technology and manufacturing sectors among others.

“We want to change Africans’ mindsets to prove that the continent can do great things through concerted efforts. We ate interested in working with Rwandans given that President Paul Kagame’s visionary leadership has led the country to remarkable progress. We consider him as our role model giving an inspiration to change Africans’ mindsets,” said the Chairperson of Angolan Private Sector Federation, Isabel E. Soares da Cruz.

“We, Angolans want to invest in agriculture and fish production. We have learnt that Rwanda imports fishes from China under difficult circumstances yet Angola has large fish production. We are confident that we can do a lot of great things together. We are waiting for the signing of cooperation agreements in fish production,” he added.

Isabel explained that Rwandans can also invest in Angola as well to streamline transport and service sectors.

Angolan Ambassador to Rwanda, Filomeno Barber Leiro Octavio has said that the visit is of great significance because it provides room for both country’s people to exchange best practices and discuss untapped opportunities.

He explained that both countries’ relations are on good progress as they continue signing cooperation agreements in different areas.

Philip Lucky, Senior Investment Promotion Officer at Rwanda Development Board (RDB) revealed that the country has several investment opportunities that Angolans can tap into.

“The delegation is comprised of representatives from Angola’s private sector coming to Rwanda to explore available investment opportunities and forge cooperation with their counterparts. We have taken them through opportunities in the areas of agro-processing and manufacturing. They have also expressed willingness to invest in Rwanda,” he said.

The visiting delegation was also enlightened on opportunities in the manufacturing of construction materials among others.

The Vice Chairman of Rwanda’s Private Sector Federation, Eric Gishoma has said that ongoing discussions increases Rwandans’ interest to invest in Angola.

Both countries also plan to sign 13 cooperation agreements in the new future.

Members of Angolan Private Sector during discussions with Rwanda counterparts.