Anyone who threatens our security will pay a heavy price-Kagame

On 26 April 2021 at 02:54

President Paul Kagame and Commander-in-Chief of the Rwanda Defence Force (RDF) has said that anyone intending to threaten Rwanda’s security will be dealt with and pay a heavy price.

Kagame delivered the message today as he commissioned 721 new officers at Rwanda Military Academy - Gako, in Bugesera District.

Commissioned officers have been promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant.

After commissioning new officers, Kagame urged them to uphold high standards of discipline on duty with dedication to serve Rwandans and the country.

He said that the nation builds upon security to sustain development and highlighted that Rwanda’s capacity is used to defend sovereignty and deal with any threats.

“Transforming our nation towards continued development requires a professional, strong, and disciplined army. We build our capabilities to secure our country, protect our sovereignty, and build upon our security to sustain our development,” he said.

“We want to use our capacity not to attack any country but to defend ourselves against any threat to our security and sovereignty. Anyone who threatens our security will be dealt with and will pay a heavy price,” added Kagame.

The pass-out ceremony was also witnessed by RDF senior officers, Government officials and families of the new officers.

The first group of commissioned officers consists of 209 who combined military training and university studies in Social and Military Sciences, Medicine, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

The second includes 506 enrolled in one year program of whom 347 were in-service soldiers while 159 were civilians before joining the military training.

The third group is comprised of 6 officers who completed military training from partner-countries including Belgium, Kenya and Sri Lanka.

The Commandant of Rwanda Military Academy – Gako, Maj. Gen. Innocent Kabandana has said that it was an exhausting journey that some of them didn’t complete due to various reasons.