AOS Ltd: celebrating Liberation with intensified efforts of turning Rwanda into an IT hub

On 7 July 2020 at 08:07

AOS Ltd is a Rwandan based ICT service provider and operator of the National Data Center providing services to both the public and private sector, jointly set up by the Government of Rwanda and Korea Telecom (KT) in 2014 based on the agreement to collectively achieve bigger goals. AOS Ltd offices moved to a new location which is Kigali Business Center (KBC) Building, 3rd floor Block D.

AOS Ltd Management and staff wish all Rwandans a Happy Liberation Day as we celebrate 26 years of liberation. This is a day when friends of Rwanda and Rwandans across the world come together to reflect on the time when the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi was stopped and to celebrate the transformation journey.

AOS Ltd started its operation in 2014, and have contributed to the development of the ICT sector in Rwanda; developed and deployed various systems for both the public and private sectors. AOS developed and deployed the electronic procurement system (e-Procurement) of Rwanda called “Umucyo” in collaboration with Minecofin and RPPA which has increased accountability, transparency, and efficiency in the public procurement process.

AOS also deployed the public surveillance CCTV and vehicle enforcement system in collaboration with Rwanda National Police that contributes to the safety and security of Rwandans by providing real-time accurate information.

The company has been managing and operating the National Data Center of Rwanda hosting both the public and private sector offering various hosting services including cloud computing, server colocation, web and email hosting, Backup as a service and disaster recovery services to suit customer needs and improve the way they are doing business.

AOS has implemented the Government smart administration system in collaboration with RISA to improve collaboration system and ensure paperless communication between Government institutions and private customers. The project is ongoing.

There are ways AOS uses to minimize the cost of hosting websites locally.
AOS is minimizing the cost of acquisition by using customized home grown solutions and growing customer base to capitalize on the volume of sales and not on the price. The company has made a significant drop in service charges for hosting websites locally with the lowest option being Rwf2,025 per month (24,300 Rwf annually) and a price reduction for cloud computing services as well for the private sector.

AOS Ltd aims to provide good quality of service at an affordable price and will continue to offer better affordable rates to its customers.

AOS says there are several benefits of local web hosting.

The Chief Marketing Officer of AOS, Mr. Manzi Olivier Rwaka said that “Hosting locally contributes to the development of the economy by employing the Rwandan workforce and promoting made in Rwanda solutions. End users hosted locally will have a better experience reducing the network latency, therefore, enjoying faster browsing, more website uptime, and better loading time while accessing their data especially if the data hosted is mostly accessed by users in Rwanda,”

“Another advantage is that users hosted locally can get better support from the local hosting provider when needed at any time with an advantage of using our local language Kinyarwanda. There’s also a security aspect knowing that your data is locally hosted especially sensitive data for Rwandans."

According to Mr. Manzi Olivier Rwaka, they see an increase in web and mail hosting customers over the years in the private sector. Customers look for good quality of service, good support at an affordable price. The price reduction has also contributed to attract more people to host locally but there’s still more to be done to bring back local content in Rwanda and AOS Ltd is committed to provide the best service at good rates and to contribute in the growth of the private sector in Rwanda.

The interviewer asked the Chief Executive Officer of AOS, Mr. Seong Woo Kim how AOS services are sharpening Rwanda’s vision of becoming an ICT Hub.

“We are contributing to make Rwanda an ICT hub by providing Data Center services not only to local customers but also to regional as we have been targeting the EAC market and international customers.

“As of September 2018, the World Bank officially acknowledged that Rwanda e-procurement system “Umucyo” is the first successful case in Africa. The system has attracted interest from various African countries that would like to have a similar system in their countries.”

Back in 2018, several websites went down in the country including some of the government-owned websites. The interviewer asked AOS what are the measures that have been taken to get this issue answered once and for all.

“We have reviewed policies and procedures in place to avoid incidents or technical problems and we have put in place a mitigation plan to the issues that were noticed,” The Chief Marketing Officer of AOS, Mr. Manzi Olivier Rwaka assures.

In the level of the continent when it comes to its mission of bringing ICT solutions and services that will transform Africa, AOS place themselves as an ICT provider company with expertise and experience in Data Center operations, solution development, systems integration that can be exported to other African countries. They are challengers on the market and believe to be competitive in the EAC market.

AOS Ltd has initiatives to help Rwanda to turn into a high-tech hub as well as channels that will foster their targets.

The Chief Executive Officer of AOS, Mr. Seong Woo Kim said that “We need to develop more homegrown solutions. In the beginning, we start developing our solutions with the support from others with more expertise which will increase the knowledge and skills of our local engineers in various aspects and enhance our understanding of the end-users. Then, there will be more local engagement for other solutions and at the end, we will be able to successfully deliver ourselves by given the focus to the people who are engaged in these efforts such as software developers, network and security engineers, sales and marketing experts who interact with end-users.

“We need to keep them and give them the tools that they need so that they can build their experience and build their know-how. Finally, knowledge sharing and training should be done. We also plan to have an ICT academy to teach various IT skills to Rwandans.”

They will also export those successful solutions to other African countries as Made in Rwanda products, therefore, boost the economy and turn Rwanda into an ICT hub.

The CEO of AOS, Seong Woo Kim said that the organization aims to make Rwanda, a landmark of Technology
AOS has partnered with the National Police to establish video surveillance, CCTV, on various streets.
One of the systems developed by AOS is used in the public e-procurement platform known as "Umucyo".
Manzi Olivier Rwaka, The Chief Marketing Officer at AOS, said that there are a lot of benefits in hosting data locally