AOS Ltd explains why institutions need to host locally and offers a big price reduction on web, email and cloud hosting

By Nicole Kamanzi M.
On 28 October 2020 at 11:57

Rwanda is one of the countries that have promoted the use of technology in all spheres of life, including health, education and many other services.

There are currently a number of technology companies in Rwanda supporting the country’s goal of becoming a technology hub in Africa. It is a vision that will be achieved through the participation of everyone, especially the private sector.

Among the private companies that have started to invest in this sector are the provision of information technology services, and the completion of data storage facilities in Rwanda, AOS.

AOS Ltd is a joint venture of the Government of Rwanda with Korea Telecom in a long-term partnership evolved into the strong agreement to collectively achieve bigger goals: developing the ICT sector into a vibrant industry, positioning Rwanda as the regional ICT hub, and fueling economic growth by enabling effective delivery of business services in Rwanda.

The company, on October 26, 2020, launched a campaign to show private companies the opportunities they have for storing their information inside the country.

The Chief Marketing Officer of AOS, Manzi Olivier Rwaka, told IGIHE that hosting locally contributes to the development of our economy by hiring Rwandan workforce and promoting made in Rwanda solutions.

“Institutions hosted locally will have a better experience with reduced network latency therefore enjoying faster browsing, more website uptime and better loading time while accessing their data especially if the data hosted is mostly accessed by users in Rwanda. Another advantage is that institutions hosted locally get 24/7 online support from the local hosting provider in the same time zone with the choice of using our home language. There’s also a security aspect to have your data hosted locally especially sensitive data for Rwandans” said Manzi Rwaka

Talking about the challenges COVID-19 has caused to this field particularly and how are AOS is planning to help clients revive their business by cutting down the cost of hosting, the Chief Executive Officer of AOS, Mr. Seong Woo Kim said that the pandemic has affected many of customers hosted with their company because some of them faced challenges in their businesses as well therefore making it difficult to pay for the hosting services.

“We are currently contributing to reviving businesses by offering utmost discounts of up to 77% on web and email hosting and up to 50% on our cloud hosting services” Said Mr. Seong Woo Kim

The reason why AOS is doing a campaign to attract private sectors is that they have a mandate to contribute to the growth of the IT sector in Rwanda by providing reliable ICT solutions and services at affordable prices.

“By targeting the private sector, we would like to encourage businesses (SMEs, Startups, etc…) to have an online presence, attract more companies to host locally and bring back local content in Rwanda for those hosted abroad.”

“We are also targeting companies in the region. We have been also working closely with Government institutions to improve service delivery since most of them are hosted locally and making the hosting services affordable to them as well.” Said Mr. Seong Woo Kim.

AOS ltd is giving a discount of up to 77% on web and mail hosting with Automated provisioning, various packages, Ease of online payments, wide range of Add on services from their online market portal with the lowest option being 12,150 RWF per year (1,013 RWF per month).

The company is also offering a discount of up to 50% on cloud hosting services with the lowest option being 26,275 RWF per month.

“Users can get 50% off with our cloud welcome package with Easy service upgrade, flexible packages, Security and Data Backup” said Mr. Manzi Rwaka

The Chief Executive Officer of AOS, Mr. Seong Woo Kim said that the main lessons learnt during this pandemic is that most businesses had to move from the traditional way of doing business to the digital way and have an online presence to continue providing services.

“We have seen an increase of businesses looking for online platforms to host their services to cope with the new trend of doing business online for effective and efficient service delivery and most importantly business continuity. Companies should adapt to this new way of doing business. “ He said

The Chief Executive Officer of AOS, Mr. Seong Woo Kim
The Chief Marketing Officer of AOS, Manzi Olivier Rwaka