Asunder: About 9000 families split in 2019

By Nicole Kamanzi M.
On 16 June 2020 at 02:30

About 8941 families split in Rwanda in the year 2019, the National Institute of Statistics of Rwanda (NISR) has announced, denoting a great increase comparing to the year 2018 where 1311 were put asunder.

Statistics show that the majority of divorces cases were due to the fact that some couples have abandoned their homes for a period of 12 months, mainly caused by infidelity among others.

Assumpta Ingabire, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF), in a conversation with IGIHE, said that the government needs to put more effort into preparing couples that are to be wed, in an attempt to see the reduction of these numbers.

“We have to reevaluate the preparation given to the couple about to get married; the local leaders should work hand in hand with religious leaders in order to create a longer period of counseling to the newlyweds, helping them to really see if they are meant to be together and if not separate beforehand", She appealed.

Kigali leads

According to the report from the NISR named ‘Rwanda Vital Statistics Report 2019’, the City of Kigali comes on top among the divorces pronounced in the whole country with 2400 cases. The Southern Province is counting 1989 cases, the Western Province is with 1820, while in East they count 1482 cases and the North comes last with 1250 cases.

However, statistics also show that in the same year, about 48526 marriages were legally pronounced.

Fidele Rutayisire, founder and executive director of the Rwanda Men’s Resource Center (RWAMREC) told IGIHE that these divorces are due to many reasons among which is the fact that people are now aware of their rights and came to understand gender equality; equal tasks sharing and responsibilities in their home.

“In the past, women were supported by men, the man was the pillar of the household chain, and the woman did nothing without the consent of the man. Now women are so empowered that they no longer need a man to take care of themselves. As a person becomes independent economically, they become independent in every other area; when there is a hindrance their first thought is, what do I need this troubling woman or man for?”

Among other things that Rutayisire points at is the immaturity saying that with their minds they have to fight over every little issue.

“There should be some kind of follow up of newlywed people, a sort of guidance from a more mature and experienced couple.” Said Ingabire Assumpta, the permanent secretary of MIGEPROF

Assumpta Ingabire, the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF),

The future expects even more divorce cases

Rutayisire said the increase in divorce cases these days is a sign of how it is likely to increase in the coming years; this is due to the fact that children born into divorced families also have a higher risk of divorce when they get married.

“In the near future, this will be ten times worse, because these people will have children, and these children growing up will see divorce as a normal thing. In the future, we are expecting to see even more divorce cases.” He said

He said that divorces not only affect the family, in a sense of separation but also hurts the growth of children born in divorced families; family conflicts can lead to murder, occasions emotional stress among other things.

Rutayisire added that one of the things that can help in reducing the number of divorce cases is to teach the principles of equality, helping people understand the no one is superior to the other.