Bank of Kigali celebrates graduates and future leaders in the financial industry

By Esther Muhozi
On 20 October 2023 at 04:29

The Bank of Kigali has presented certificates to a group of 24 individuals who completed training at the BK Academy, along with 25 of its employees who participated in courses aimed at preparing them to become future leaders in the financial industry. Although these two groups undertook separate training programs, they were all honored at a ceremony held in Kigali on October 19, 2023. During this event, the Bank of Kigali reiterated its expectations for their contributions to the bank’s service excellence.

Those who graduated from the BK Academy received fundamental knowledge about the bank’s services and its operations. Exceptional performers in their studies will have the opportunity for immediate employment at the Bank of Kigali. On the other hand, the 25 existing employees of the Bank of Kigali were equipped with skills enabling them to work efficiently with modern technology and to prepare them for future leadership roles in financial institutions.

Umutoneshwa Sacrée Luminaire, the top scorer among the BK Academy graduates, expressed how the training provided by the Bank of Kigali had transformed theoretical knowledge into practical insights. She emphasized that the knowledge gained will not only benefit her but also contribute to the collective success of the Bank of Kigali. "There are many things I’ve revisited during this training, but when you see how they work in the real world, not just on paper, you gain a deeper understanding. My intention is to collaborate with my colleagues at the Bank of Kigali so that everyone realizes that this bank is for everyone."

Tuyiringire Jean Pierre, the Director of Technology at the Bank of Kigali, who also completed the training alongside the employees, emphasized the importance of working together to prioritize customer preferences over the bank’s preferences. He stated, "The key takeaway from this training is that we must work in harmony to ensure that the customer’s needs take precedence when we introduce a product."

Dr. Diane Karusisi, the CEO of the Bank of Kigali, delivered a message to all the program’s graduates, highlighting that their contributions are not limited to the bank’s development but extend to the broader development of the country. She emphasized that the bank sees exceptional potential in its employees and pledged to support them in leading fulfilling lives while utilizing the knowledge they’ve acquired to advance financial institutions. She conveyed, "When you come to work, have a clear objective in mind. We’re not just building the Bank of Kigali; we’re working together to build a better country that we all aspire to see."

Dr. Karusisi also stressed that the Bank of Kigali values the unique potential within its employees and will invest in their growth, enabling them to contribute to the development of financial institutions. This annual training program by the Bank of Kigali is designed to continually enhance the knowledge of those expected to play a crucial role in maintaining Rwanda’s status as a hub for financial institutions, not only within Africa but globally.