Bishop Edouard Sinayobye highlights areas of priority on new duties

On 15 February 2021 at 01:30

On 6th February 2021, Pope Francis appointed Father Edouard Sinayobye, the new Bishop of Cyangungu Diocese.

Celestin Hakizimana, Bishop of Gikongoro Diocese has been an Apostolic Administrator of Cyangugu Diocese for two years following the death of former Bishop of Cyangugu Diocese, Bimenyimana Jean Damascène in 2018.

Prior to his new appointment, Sinayobye served as the Rector of Grand Séminaire Propédeutique de Nyumba (Nyumba Major Seminary).

In an exclusive interview with IGIHE, Bishop Sinayobye revealed that he was very excited for the good news which he welcomed with humility.

“I was very surprised. It is a demanding mission beyond human capacity. I welcomed the appointment with reverent feeling to God that chose me as a cleric to serve the church and become a preacher,” he said.

“That is the oath I took. I have dedicated my whole life to serve God as man of the church. All my deeds wherever I am, will be dedicated to spreading the Gospel and bring to limelight God’s Kingdom,” added Bishop Sinamenye.

He explained that reverence to God and collaboration with colleagues, will among other things, characterize him on new duties.

“It is the prayer that capacitates me to do everything. Like everyone serving on God’s calling; remaining dedicated to God, and asking him strength is the main virtue I acquired from the Church besides collaboration with others. I will gradually get familiar with the new duty of managing a diocese. Most importantly, it is a duty that requires understanding others and collaborating with them respectfully, “highlighted Bishop Sinamenye.

He also urged Christians to uphold the church’s essence of collaboration and remain committed to serving God’s community.

Sinayobye was ordained priest in 2000.

Pope Francis appointed Father Edouard Sinayobye, the new Bishop of Cyangungu Diocese on 6th February 2021.