BK Capital announces second semi-annual income distribution of the AGUKA Unit Trust Fund

On 3 février 2022 at 03:42

BK Capital has announced that it has distributed the second semi-annual income of the Aguka Unit Trust Fund.

The AGUKA Unit Trust Fund (“the Fund”) is an open-ended, tax exempt Unit Trust Fund registered under the laws of Rwanda and licensed by the Capital Market Authority.

Aguka Unit Trust Fund pools money from investors and invests the Fund’s money into a diversified portfolio of money market instruments, cash deposits and debt instruments.

Siongo KISOSO, the Head of Investment Banking and Capital Markets at BK Capital said that the Aguka Unit Trust Fund focuses on delivering capital protection, liquidity and attractive returns through a robust investment process that invests in liquid assets such as Treasury bills and bonds, attractive bank deposits and corporate debt issues.

“We have been able to outperform our benchmark of the Republic of Rwanda 12 Month T-Bill Yield which has had yields of between 7–8% p.a in 2021.The Fund was able to achieve a return of 10.2% p.a net of all fees Besides attractive returns and capital protection, the fund has a simple on-boarding process and withdrawals can be accessed in a short time frame," Siongo said.

Evans KAMAU, the technical advisor emphasized that Aguka Unit Trust fund is the best option for long term and short term saving goals for both growth and capital protection ventures.

“Contributing monthly to the Aguka unit trust fund in 2022 is an innovative and disciplined way to save for short-term goals such as emergency fund, weddings, vacations or car purchases, and long-term goals such as your children’s university education or the deposit to buy your first house” KAMAU noted.

BK Capital distributes income to unit holders twice a year in July and January based on the fund’s net investment income. Additionally, income distributions can either be paid out to unitholders in cash or re-invested to purchase additional units.

About BK Capital

BK Capital Limited (“BK Capital”), is an investment bank licensed and regulated by the Capital Market Authority. BK Capital, a subsidiary of BK Group PLC, was established and incorporated in Rwanda in 2012 as BK Securities Limited to offer brokerage services of investment securities.

In 2018, the Company was rebranded into BK Capital Ltd with a broader mandate to offer additional investment services such as Investment Management, Fund Administration and Corporate Finance Advisory services.. BK Capital is licensed by the Capital Market Authority and the National Bank of Rwanda.

BK Capital is a subsidiary of BK Group PLC.