BK Group Plc pays tribute to employees killed during Genocide

On 24 April 2021 at 11:22

BK Group Plc has commemorated 15 former employees killed during the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

The ceremony took place yesterday at Bank of Kigali’s headquarters observing COVID-19 preventive measures.

Speaking during the event, the CEO of Bank of Kigali, Dr. Diane Karusisi said that remembering genocide victims comforts survivors highlighting that it also teaches young generation born after the Genocide.

“Commemorating is much needed because we have to restore the dignity to Genocide victims. It is also an occasion to comfort survivors reminding them that they are not alone despite the loss of relatives that we can work together to build the nation. The youth represent the majority of Rwandans. It is hard to advance forward when you don’t know where you are coming from. We have to talk about our country’s history so that they youth can learn from it,” she said.

Dr. Karusisi highlighted that Bank of Kigali shall never abandon genocide survivors and reiterated the bank’s commitment to continue walking with them along the resilience journey.

Egide Nkuranga, the President of IBUKA, organization umbrella of genocide survivors stressed that commemorating genocide victims is a way to restore their dignity and an occasion to reflect on experienced tragic history to prevent reoccurrence.

“Genocide survivors should continue to commemorate victims because it gives them strength to move on, deal with sorrow and trauma,” he noted.

Nkuranga also thanked Bank of Kigali for relentlessly supporting IBUKA in different projects to improve livelihoods and restore hope among survivors of Genocide against Tutsi.

Speaking on behalf of families with employees killed during Genocide, Ambroise Rugamba commended the bank for organizing such event which soothes their hearts.

He urged survivors’ families to stand united as families that share common history.

The CEO of BK, Dr. Diane Karusisi with other participants of the event lighting the flame of remembrance.
The commemoration event took place at BK headquarters.