Bourbon Coffee launches industrial-scale bakery

By Théophile Niyitegeka
On 2 February 2022 at 01:14

Bourbon Coffee, a coffee company with international competencies has inaugurated an industrial-scale bakery that will also produce other confections with exceptional taste.

The bakery located in Kigali Special Economic Zone in Masoro was officially inaugurated on 31st January 2022.

Participants of the event toured the bakery’s facilities guided by Vincent Malaize, the Executive Director of Chef- Bourbon coffee who took them through the technology to be deployed and modern equipment that will help to produce more than 35,000 bread and confections every day.

Dubbed Bourbon Bakery, the bakery will produce an assortment of more than 60 bread and confection types that were previously imported from Western countries particularly from France.

David Boudrot, an Executive Director from France with 25-year experience will be working with the bakery to produce products with great taste.

Speaking at the event, the Managing Director of Bourbon Coffee Rwanda, Vincent Nzigira said that the idea to set up the bakery surfaced after realizing that quite a number of bread are imported yet it is possible to produce them locally.

“We sought how to make these imported breads, injected funds and hired an experienced chef. He is currently coaching Rwandans working at the bakery,” he said.

The Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Rwanda Development Board (RDB), Zéphanie Niyonkuru commended Bourbon Coffee for increased investment highlighting that it will contribute to the tourism sector and jobs creation.

He revealed that more 200 jobs are to be created, an addition to 175 jobs created by Bourbon Coffee. Niyonkuru emphasized that the investment will bring high returns to the country.

He explained that tourists need enjoyable foods with great taste noting that the bakery will help to efficiently serve guests with high quality products.

Niyonkuru encouraged members of the Private Sector to play their part to mitigate effects of COVID-19 to the economy.

After tasting breads produced by Bourbon Coffee, the Representative of French Ambassador to Rwanda, Quentin Dussart, commended the great idea noting that the breads produced locally have the same taste as the ones produced in Paris, the capital of France.

The Director of the Board of Bourbon Coffee, Mireille Karera thanked participants of the event and expressed optimism that the bakery will continue to grow gradually.

“Thank you all for joining us at the official launch of Bourbon Bakery. It is our absolute pleasure to host you, as we announce the transformation of Bourbon Coffee Ltd, dubbed Bourbon Coffee 2.0,”she said.

“We will be renovating all Bourbon Coffee outlets in the next few months. We want to create the feel of a "5-star" coffee shop that’s not just a coffee shop but a business club and a conference area, all at your disposition,” Karera added.

The Chairman of GPA Holdings Chairman said that the investment was meant to fill a gap.

“We thank all who were present in the launch of Bourbon Bakery. We saw a gap that needed to be filled, and it propelled us to invest in this new Bourbon. We will be glad for your continues support to Bourbon as you have always done before,” he noted.

Bourbon Coffee began operations in Rwanda in 2007 with a view to give Rwanda’s coffee a global visibility.

The company has expanded doors to many African countries and the United Stated of America (USA).

Bourbon Bakery plans to satisfy Rwanda’s market and export to regional countries.

Bourbon Coffee has started producing bread and confection of great taste in Rwanda.
It was glamour as Bourbon Coffee officially opened a local bakery.
Participants of the event tasting bread and confections produced by Bourbon Coffee.
The Director of the Board of Bourbon Coffee, Mireille Karera thanked participants of the event .
With 25-year experience, David Boudrot will be working with the bakery to produce products with great taste.
The Managing Director of Bourbon Coffee Rwanda, Vincent Nzigira.