Bralirwa Plc donates Rwf230 million for completion of a TVET school in Rubavu

On 8 February 2023 at 02:40

Bralirwa, Rwanda’s largest beverage manufacturer has donated Rwf230 million in addition to Rwf270 million provided previously as funding for the construction of a Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) School in Rubavu District.

The school located in Nyamyumba Sector school is expected to have have 22 rooms.

The funding provided on 6th February 2022 is in line with the agreement signed between Bralirwa Plc and Rubavu District, aiming to partner in different areas.

These include payment of Community Based Health Insurance for vulnerable residents, employing people near the factory, and other programs related to self-development and self-sufficiency.

Speaking at the event, Etienne Saada, the Managing Director of Bralirwa Plc, said that participating in activities that improve the welfare of the residents fall under the company’s responsibilities.

In addition to building the school, he said, they are also involved in other activities such as subscribing residents for Community Based Health Insurance, environmental protection, and more.

Saada talked about the goal of developing careers and skills that Rwanda has set, which is necessary to contribute to children getting enough knowledge to help start their businesses.

He further stressed that it is the company’s responsibility to contribute to the well-being of the people in every corner.

Saada said that they have a good relationship with Rubavu District, and expressed optimism that they will continue to cooperate in other development projects.

The Mayor of Rubavu District, Kambogo Ildephonse said that construction works of this school are to be resumed, in collaboration with Rwanda TVET Board (RTB), and the Ministry of Education. He disclosed that the school is expected to be operational next year.

Kambogo continued to say that they are proud that Bralirwa Plc is one of the first tax-paying companies in Rwanda in their region. That is one of the reasons they started engaging in talks so that their interactions could be more productive on both sides. They also thank the company for their understanding and cooperation.

He assured the parents who always wanted the work of that school to push through that what they have been requesting from different institutions is now going to be implemented.

Rwanda has set a goal that at least 60% of schools will be vocational and technical, which will give a boost to the country’s ambitions of developing knowledge-based economy.

Of 12 sectors that make up Rubavu District; nine have at least one vocational school.

The donation by Bralirwa Plc was necessary because Nyamyumba is a Sector that did not have such a school, as the Director of Education in Rubavu District, Simpeze Emmanuel emphasized.

The Management of Bralirwa handing over a dummy cheque worth Rwf230 million to Rubavu District officials.
The ceremony was held on Monday this week.