Breaking barriers: Mega Global Link’s game-changing partnership facilitates employment in Europe

On 27 November 2023 at 07:23

In a strategic move aimed at facilitating employment opportunities for individuals in Africa and Asia seeking to work in Europe, Mega Global Link, a comprehensive service provider for education, investment, and travel aspirations in Europe, Canada, and the United States, has forged a groundbreaking partnership with AtoZ Serwis Plus.

Addressing a myriad of challenges faced by individuals across various African nations, this collaboration signifies a pivotal step forward for those aspiring to build a life abroad but have struggled to find a reliable and efficient avenue to do so.

Dr. Francis Habumugisha, the CEO of Mega Global Link, highlighted the inspiration behind this initiative, stating, "There are individuals who, despite graduating, find themselves unemployed or underpaid, falling short of our collective goals."

This partnership not only addresses employment concerns but also streamlines the process for those desiring international travel by expediting the acquisition of essential documents through Mega Global Link.

Established in 2009, AtoZ Serwis Plus, the agency partnering with Mega Global Link, specializes in immigration services and boasts a significant presence with offices in Poland, Portugal, Germany, Malta, and Romania. Having successfully assisted over 2,000 individuals in obtaining visas, work permits, and related services, their expertise significantly enhances the prospects for those looking to work in Europe.

One distinctive feature of this collaboration is its empowerment of high school graduates to secure employment opportunities. Prospective employees enter into a notarized employment contract with Mega Global Link, featuring a unique clause guaranteeing reimbursement of the initial payment if a job is not secured.

Throughout the entire process, from application to arrival in the host country, individuals are meticulously monitored. This includes specialized training aligned with their designated job roles upon arrival, ensuring a seamless integration into their new work environment.

Dr. Habumugisha encourages individuals to seize this opportunity before the end of 2023, as Mega Global Link is offering discounted services to its customers during this period.

The company’s multifaceted approach extends beyond employment services, catering to diverse needs such as facilitating educational connections for students through pre-established agreements with schools, arranging medical treatments in partner hospitals, and offering comprehensive visa application support.

Clients benefit from a streamlined visa application process, with Mega Global Link assisting in document completion, collection, and prompt payment upon successful application.

As the company continues to empower individuals to pursue their aspirations abroad, it stands as a beacon of opportunity in bridging the gap for job seekers and dreamers alike.

The CEO of Mega Global Link, Dr. Francis Habumugisha signing partnership agreement with AtoZ Serwis Plus.