Brussels: Over 50 individuals receive certificates through cooperation with Rwandan-founded company

By Karirima Aimable Ngarambe
On 3 July 2023 at 07:28

In a remarkable display of collaboration and empowerment, as a cohort of 57 graduates, hailing from Rwanda and other parts of the African continent, were awarded Certificates in Finance on a momentous occasion on Saturday. This achievement was made possible through the joint efforts of the European Business University of Luxembourg and ClearTrust Consulting (CTC), a renowned company founded by Rwandan entrepreneur Janvier Nzamutuma.

ClearTrust Consulting is a prominent consulting service provider in the financial sector, specializing in two core areas: Consulting and Training. The collaboration between CTC and the European Business University of Luxembourg offered a range of comprehensive courses related to business, economics, and finance, ultimately benefiting individuals from diverse backgrounds and opening up new possibilities for their professional trajectories.

In an effort to highlight the accomplishments of Rwandans living abroad, IGIHE visited CTC during the graduation ceremony where the majority of recipients were individuals working in professions unrelated to financial institutions, making their achievements even more commendable.

Expressing his elation, Nzamutuma remarked, "Today, we take pride in recertifying approximately 57 students who will go on to work in banks, insurance companies, and other esteemed establishments. Many of our alumni have already secured positions in European banks, and we are delighted to witness their success."

Nzamutuma further emphasized the transformative impact of the courses, citing the inspiring example of a former taxi driver who is now employed by a bank.

Nzamutuma passionately stated, "There is no one in the world who is inherently incapable or inferior. Every individual possesses the strength and ability to progress, learn, and succeed. It is not a gift reserved for a select few but a potential waiting to be realized."

Dismissing the notion that certain racial groups are less capable, he added, "False narratives have claimed that black people are inherently limited, but that is far from the truth. We all possess intelligence and aptitude; what matters is how we harness these qualities and cultivate knowledge for professional and personal growth."

Having worked in various banks across Luxembourg, Belgium, and England, Nzamutuma recognized the need to contribute to the training and development of others, particularly Africans, to enhance their understanding of the financial industry.

Shedding light on the motivation behind founding CTC, he shared, "One driving force was the pervasive racial discrimination I observed in many workplaces. The notion that black individuals are unfit or destined for menial roles is something I vehemently reject. We are capable of excelling in any field."

CTC fills a vital role in providing short-term finance training to individuals seeking to expand their knowledge in this domain. Nzamutuma expressed his earnest desire, saying, "The doors of learning are open to anyone who aspires to study and acquire knowledge, even if they have been unable to attend university. For further information, please visit us at www.cleartrustconsulting.com."

Since its inception on October 26, 2019, CTC has successfully issued various certificates through different intakes in collaboration with the European Business University of Luxembourg, whose name is displayed on the certificates.

This collaboration between the European Business University of Luxembourg and ClearTrust Consulting exemplifies the spirit of cooperation and underscores the transformative impact of inclusive educational initiatives.

The founder and Managing Director of ClearTrust Consulting expressed delight for the successful graduation of 57 individuals.
Anca Datcu, a specialist in the courses offered at CTC and a senior bank employee in Luxembourg, delivered an insightful talk.
Pierre Diaw, an expert in Anti Money Laundering Law and the Head of the Centre of Excellence for AML/KYC was also present at the event.
The graduation ceremony took place on Saturday.
Tiffany Cheng is an accomplished professional who has held various significant roles throughout her career. She once served as the Vice President of a renowned company in Sweden and is currently is a highly regarded trainer at CTC, specializing in Personal and Professional Development. Her expertise in this field enables her to guide individuals in enhancing their personal growth and achieving their career goals.