BUFMAR donates equipment worth over Rwf40 million to member clinics

By Elina Jonas Ruzindaza
On 31 July 2020 at 08:28

As part of the continued development of the medical and social services sector in Rwanda, the Association for the Coordination of Clinical Activities of the Catholic Church and other Christian Churches, BUFMAR, has donated 3,000 masks to G S Saint Famille students and teachers and also allocates 153 scales to member religious hospitals for monitoring the good health of all children. All the equipment are worth over Rwf40 million.

The donation is an initiative of the organization which, in its end of July meeting, resolved to review and take further steps to help member institutions better fulfill their responsibilities.

The Managing Director of Bufmar, Rwagasana Ernest, said they thought of providing weighing scales to member clinics as a key tool in determining the child’s growth so that informed advocacy in child protection is carried out.

The director of Remera Rukoma Hospital, Dr. Jalibu Theogene, said the scales that were given to his hospital were going to benefit them.

Dr. Jalibu further thanked Bufmar’s role in assisting the clinic in fulfilling its responsibilities including facilitating access to medicines and providing them with various training.

Dr. Jalibu together with GS deputy director of academics at Saint Famille, Marie Claude Uwingabire, said the masks given to her school would help them continue to avoid Covid-19 when classes resume in September.

Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Ruhenegeri and Legal Representative of Bufmar, Vincent Harolimana, said that all the activities of the organization show that it has grown and so committed to supporting more members.

Bufmar Foundation founded in 1975, and currently supports 153 member religious clinics, including 17 from the District General Hospital and 136 from health centers and the National Hospital from Ndera Psychiatric Hospital.

This general assembly was preceded by a prayer
One of the 3,000 masks donated to G S Saint Famille
Marie Claude Uwingabire said the masks given to their school will help them avoid Covid-19
Bishop Vincent Harolimana said that all the activities of the organization show that it has grown
Bishop Philip Rukamba is one of the members of this general assembly
The general assembly was attended by the Pastor of the Archdiocese of Kigali, Kambanda Antoine