Bugesera: Relief as 250 vulnerable families receive food items

On 6 April 2021 at 02:57

A total of 250 families of Ngeruka and Mareba sectors in Bugesera district affected by COVID-19 have received food donations from Oxford Africa Trust International Group to help them celebrate Easter.

Beneficiaries include 150 families from Ngeruka and more 100 from Mareba sector who received food items including rice, cooking oil, maize flour, beans and sugar on the eve of Easter Sunday.

Every beneficiary resident received 5 kgs of rice,cooking oil and 5kgs of maize flour.

Byukusenge Emmanuel, a young boy from a beneficiary family in Ngeruka said the donations help them to make good preparations to celebrate Easter.

“It has been long without eating rice. We are delighted with received food items giving us assurance to celebrate Easter in style,” he said.

Mukahirwa Alice, a mother from Mareba sector said the food items are very helpful during Easter Holiday.

“I had not cooking oil and sugar among others. They have made my day great giving me more food items including maize flour and rice. They will help me to feed children on holiday with a variety of foods and rotate with rice that children have not eaten for quite some time,” she noted.

The executive secretary of Ngeruka sector, Rwasa Patrick has thanked partners for the support to residents highlighting that COVID-19 taught them to work hard.

“I would like to voice my appreciation to partners for keeping vulnerable residents on hearts and helping them to feed their families. Residents have been hit hard by COVID-19 but they pulled many lessons from it to work hard and make savings for emergencies,” he said.

The Representative from Oxford Africa Trust International Group, Adelice Umuhoza said the donation is part of their commitment to support the needy.

“With head offices in Nigeria, Oxford expanded financial services in Rwanda. We understand that it is our responsibilities to support the needy and impact Rwandans’ lives especially during this period when the World seeks to recover from effects of COVID-19. Apart from food donations, we also plan to finance Small and Medium Enterprises by the time we will launch microfinance institution,” she said.

Oxford Africa Trust International Group also donated food items to 50 vulnerable families in Rukiri cell, Remera sector, Gasabo district on Thursday 2nd April 2021.

Beneficiaries were delighted with donations.
Bugesera residents received foodstuffs on the eve of Easter Sunday.
Each beneficiary received cooking oil among other foodstuffs.