Burera residents upbeat as health infrastructures get boom

On 13 March 2021 at 12:08

Residents of Burera district have expressed delight for health infrastructures made available facilitating easy access to health services close to their homes.

As residents explained, they hardly accessed health services in the past that they would sometimes cross to Uganda for medical attention which has become history following the construction of 57 health posts completed at a cost of Rwf1.3 billion.

Speaking to IGIHE residents from different sectors of the district said they no longer need to cross to Uganda to seek health services because they have been made available closer.

“We hardly accessed health services in the past and decided to cross to Uganda. The situation has however changed. We are currently getting such services at Kamanyana health post which also attends to patients with eye diseases,” said Banyangandora Desire from Cyanika sector.

“We were accustomed to seek health services from Uganda or traditional healers since our childhood. As of now, men get circumcised at nearby Gatebe health post that we run short of nothing. Anyone crossing to Uganda might be going there for other personal reasons because health services have been made available,” explained another resident, Niyonizeye Samuel.

The mayor of Burera district, Uwanyirigira Marie Chantal, also emphasized that the matter of residents crossing to Uganda for health services has been addressed for good noting that residents currently receive most of services closer to their homes.

“We voice our appreciation to the Government of Rwanda for good policies and support through the Ministry of Health, especially President Paul Kagame who always oversees citizens’ interests. The problem of health tourism to Uganda has been addressed definitely because they often went there for eye, tooth diseases or circumcision reasons. All these services are available at these health posts. We also collaborate with health workers from other facilities to offer such services to health posts where they are not yet integrated on specific days,” she said.

These health posts were built on partnership between Burera district, the Ministry of Health, SFH Rwanda and Partners in Health among other partners in health sector.

57 health posts were completed at a cost of Rwf1.3 billion in Burera district.