Burundian President joins forces with Tshisekedi in questionable endeavor to overthrow Rwanda’s Government

On 22 January 2024 at 07:29

Burundian President Evariste Ndayishimiye has openly pledged his active support to Rwandan youth in their efforts to topple the current government. The declaration was made during a meeting in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo, where Ndayishimiye engaged with over 500 Congolese youth on Sunday, January 21, delivering provocative remarks directed at Rwanda.

Ndayishimiye asserted that while the population in the region lives decently, the core issue lies in what he perceives as "bad leaders."

He expressed unwavering determination to persist in the struggle until Rwandans themselves apply pressure on their leaders.

He stated, "This is a regional issue; first, there is the unity of citizens. I know there is no problem between citizens; it’s bad leaders. As in the army, they say there are no bad troops; it’s the commanders who are bad. So, at this moment, I believe our struggle must continue until the Rwandan people also start to exert pressure because I see that Rwandan youth cannot accept being prisoners in the region."

This position aligns with that of his counterpart in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, FĂ©lix Tshisekedi, who has also expressed a desire to challenge the Rwandan government.

The bold statements quickly drew reactions, with the Rwandan ambassador to the Netherlands, Olivier Nduhungirehe, strongly criticizing Ndayishimiye’s remarks, labeling them as mediocre. He emphasized the unacceptability of an African Head of State, acting as the ’African Union Champion for the Youth, Peace, and Security Agenda,’ promising to aid an African people in overthrowing their legitimate government, especially during a conference co-sponsored by the AU Commission.

Nduhungirehe pointed out, "This is not only an incongruous diversion from the mandate conferred upon him by his peers during the African Union Conference in February 2023 but also a blatant violation of the letter and spirit of our continental organization’s Charter."

Tensions between Rwanda and Burundi escalated at the end of 2023 following Ndayishimiye’s accusations that Rwanda supported RED-Tabara rebel group against his regime. Rwanda staunchly denied these allegations, highlighting its lack of interest in disrupting Burundi’s security and reminding that they had extradited RED-Tabara fighters who had illegally entered the territory to the Burundian government.

Subsequently, Ndayishimiye appears to have forged an alliance with Tshisekedi, who has long harbored intentions of overthrowing the Rwandan government. This coalition was spotlighted during Tshisekedi’s second-term inauguration ceremony. Upon his arrival, journalists from the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s National Television, RTNC, emphasized Ndayishimiye’s status as a "great friend" of the country, showcasing a unified stance on the Rwandan issue.

Reliable sources indicate that the relationship between Ndayishimiye and Tshisekedi is fortified by a financial commitment from the DRC, promising $5,000 per month for each Burundian soldier present in the East of the DRC, supporting the Congolese army (FARDC) in clashes against the M23.

Burundian President has joined forces with Tshisekedi in questionable endeavor to overthrow Rwanda's Government.