Bus owners urged to intervene in solving transport problems in Kigali

On 27 July 2022 at 01:09

Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Authority (RURA) has requested bus owners in Kigali City to get them registered to carry passengers following the shortage of buses resulting into long queues of passengers at bus stops.

The request has been made by the Acting Director General of RURA, Eng. Deo Muvunyi appearing in RTV talk show.

The development comes at a time when passengers using public transport continue to decry poor services over long queues and delays of buses.

Muvunyi explained that there is a shortage of buses among public transport companies including KBS, RFTC and Royal Express which have been facing criticisms for poor services.

“We want to reduce the long time it takes for buses to pick passengers,” he said.

Muvunyi also said individuals with buses suitable for public transport can register them so that the desired number of buses can be reached.

“Those who are ready will join public transport gradually. Whoever owning a bus cannot miss a public transport route,” he noted.

“We are all concerned with this situation. We need to fight together and have common understanding that efforts are underway to address the shortage of buses which affects all of us,” added Muvunyi.

He disclosed that regulations for those seeking to join the public transport sector are clear where whoever with means can compete to carry passengers.

“We have so far received a request from individuals to register 25 vehicles,” Muvunyi revealed.

He however stressed that newly registered individuals will have to operate under the umbrella of public transport companies licensed to operate in Kigali City. These include Royal Express, KBS and RFTC.

Muvunyi explained that the directive is meant to avoid persistent anomalies in public transport over individuals who might use the registered buses for other businesses.

“We need buses in Kigali City. Individuals are urged to bring them to be assigned routes,” he noted.

Nowadays, transport companies sign three-year contract. It is said that they have failed to increase the number of buses to a desired extent due to difficult times occasioned by COVID-19.

Bus owners have been urged to intervene in addressing the issue of long queues.