Business community upbeat over Rwandan troops’ intervention in Cabo Delgado

By Esther Muhozi
On 18 December 2023 at 01:12

Jacqueline Dusabimana, residing in the Montepuez District in Cabo Delgado Province, was initially unaware of the Palma attacks, witnessing only the influx of people seeking refuge in her area. Once she learned of the return of peace and the arrival of the Rwandan troops, she took the initiative to relocate to this region to rebuild her life.

Having lived in Cabo Delgado for a year, Jacqueline, a Burundian woman, and her fellow entrepreneurs sustained themselves by offering essential services in the post-war scenario. She emphasized the improved security in Palma since her arrival and expressed her intention to leave once Rwandan security forces depart, citing concerns about her safety.

Kwifera Claudine, another woman residing in Mozambique for five years, shared positive experiences about her business in Palma, which she initiated in November 2022.

Aside from Burundians engaged in business in the city, there are Rwandans undertaking diverse businesses, particularly wholesaling. Many foreign traders, including Indians, also contribute to the economic landscape.

Residents, such as a 63-year-old man, conveyed gratitude for the Rwandan intervention, attributing their newfound peace and prosperity to the assistance provided.

The narrative continued with a man’s account of reuniting with his wife after fleeing during the conflict. He highlighted the positive changes in their lives and acknowledged the role played by the Rwandan Security Forces in ensuring their safety.

Abdallah Ali, a food trader, credited the Rwandan soldiers for restoring security, enabling business operations to flourish. He expressed a sense of security in Palma and emphasized the resumption of daily activities without fear.

Ismail Lichemba praised the collaboration between Rwanda and Mozambique but lamented the abduction of his child, expressing hope for their reunion. He called for continued support from the Rwandans.

Overall, the residents of Cabo Delgado credited Rwanda’s Security Forces for instilling hope and optimism for the future, marking a significant shift from the despair that once enveloped their lives. Some have ventured into entrepreneurship, while others remain hopeful about the promising prospects ahead.