BYD Auto, CFAO Mobility Rwanda collaborate to pave the way for sustainable transportation in Rwanda

By Esther Muhozi
On 27 January 2024 at 08:53

Build Your Dreams (BYD) Auto, a leading Chinese electric car and battery manufacturer, has partnered with CFAO Mobility Rwanda to introduce a range of electric vehicles, aligning with Rwanda’s commitment to sustainable transportation.

CFAO Mobility Rwanda, dedicated to reducing vehicle emissions, has initiated the sale of BYD’s fully electric SUV Atto 3, with plans to introduce additional models such as the Dolphin and Dolphin Mini.

Mugabo Jean Luc, Commercial Director at CFAO Rwanda Mobility, highlighted the relief this initiative provides to Rwandans facing escalating fuel prices, emphasizing the significance of promoting electric cars amidst the ongoing rise in petrol and diesel costs.

BYD’s electric cars, featuring batteries strategically positioned under the vehicle, offer spacious interiors. Buyers receive home charging tools or can utilize designated charging stations. CFAO Mobility underscores its commitment to air pollution reduction, aiming for full success by 2050.

AShu (Remy) Yao, BYD’s Commercial Director for the African region, emphasized the company’s commitment to global impact through technological innovation, particularly in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Yao acknowledged BYD’s leadership in the global electric car market.

Rwanda, known for its strides in reducing air pollution through electric vehicles and renewable energy, aligns with the sustainability goals of BYD and CFAO Mobility. Fidèle Abimana, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Infrastructure, highlighted the contribution of electric vehicles to the government’s plan to reduce air pollution by 38% by 2030.

Abimana outlined a program encouraging Rwandans to embrace electric vehicles due to emission reduction benefits and affordability, emphasizing the cost-effectiveness compared to traditional fuel usage. The Rwandan government actively engages in discussions with investors to introduce electric passenger cars to the public.

CFAO Mobility Rwanda ensures that its staff is trained to maintain BYD vehicles, providing buyers with a six-year warranty on the car and an eight-year warranty on the battery.

As power generation, automobiles, and various industries contribute to 34% of global emissions, experts anticipate a potential 126% increase in global emissions by 2030.

Representatives from both companies at the launch of the dealership for electric vehicles.