C Dormans donates 44 cows to women coffee farmers in Nyamasheke

On 11 December 2021 at 06:52

C Dormans, an East African coffee exporting company has donated 44 cows to women coffee farmers from three sectors of Nyamasheke district. These farmers from 28 groups were also trained on project management and assured of funding to implement own projects.

These women pitched projects including cattle, pig farming, boat repairing, coffee growing and milling business.

During the ceremony to handover 40 cows to beneficiaries, the Country Manager of C Dormans, Jean Bosco Seminega divulged that they have decided to support women considering their critical role to national development.

“Women play a critical role to the country’s progress. When they receive livestock, the produce is efficiently utilized to benefit the entire family. Women feel empowered in national development when they receive livestock,” he said.

Seminega expressed optimism that beneficiaries will take good care of received cows as they have made it a habit in coffee farming.

“Apart from providing compost used to increase coffee yields, a cow helps families to grow income. These cows will be milked to improve nutrition and help farmers obtain compost to fertilize coffee plantations. Besides, beneficiaries can also sell milk and offspring to earn a living,” he stated.

Nyamasheke district vice mayor in charge of economic affairs, Joseph Désiré Muhayeyezu thanked C Dormans for contribution to national development and urged beneficiaries to take care of cows and pass heifers to other members of the community.

The excited beneficiaries also pledged raise them properly and use compost to increase coffee yields.

“I am very delighted with the donation and thank Dormans for this great gesture. The cow will help my family to improve livelihoods and pass offspring to change neighbors’ lives too,” said Bernadette Uwitonze.

Furaha Nyiransabayezu, is another beneficiary who used to harvest 1600 kilograms of coffee. With the cow donation, she pledged to take advantage of compost to increase the produce to 2700 kilograms.

Nyiransabayezu also praised Rwanda’s leadership for being far-sighted to introduce Girinka program to transform citizens’ livelihoods.

C Dormans operates in four districts namely; Rusizi, Kamonyi, Gatsibo and Nyamasheke.

The company has existed in Nyamasheke for the past nine years where it contributed to improved livelihoods through cows and pig donations and infrastructure development.

Farmers pledged to take good care of received cows.
One of beneficiaries receiving a cow.
Men accompanied their wives to bring donated cows at home.