Cabo Delgado: Terrorists kill 25 soldiers in SADC-controlled areas

By Esther Muhozi
On 15 February 2024 at 11:41

Fighters belonging to the terrorist group, Ansar al Sunnah assaulted a Mozambican army base in Cabo Delgado, resulting in the tragic loss of 25 soldiers. Simultaneously, another faction targeted civilians and wreaked havoc on essential infrastructure, including churches and hospitals.

The Mozambican News Agency, AIM (Agência de Informação de Moçambique), detailed the assault on the Mucojo military base in the Macomia region on February 9, 2024, where the SADC Mission in Mozambique (SAMIM) oversees control in Macomia, covering areas such as Nandage, Mwidumbe, Meluco, Mueda, among others.

Meanwhile, peace was restored in regions under control of Rwandan troops like Palma, Mocimboa da Praia, Quionga, Afungi, Mbau, Pundanhar.

Tomás Badae, the leader of Macomia, confirmed on February 12 that the assailants had successfully seized the Mucojo base, emphasizing the tragic demise of 25 Mozambican soldiers.

Mayor Badae provided further insights, stating that the terrorists attacked the military base, ’but we lack information on whether they are still present or have departed’.

Detailing the timeline of events, Badae recounted, "On Friday morning, the terrorists initiated the assault, and due to blocked roads, escape was impossible. Eventually, our response was, ’We can leave, but our comrades are no more.’"

Subsequently, on February 12, another attack unfolded in the Chiúre region, spanning from the evening hours into the night. According to the Mozambique-based Lusa newspaper, the assailants targeted the office of the Mazeze area, the residence of its leader, hospitals, and churches.

This information was corroborated by Chiúre’s Mayor, Oliveira Amimo, who lamented, "Unfortunately, our infrastructure has been destroyed; it is nonfunctional."

The origins of this terrorist group trace back to 2017 in Cabo Delgado. In 2021, Rwanda and the Southern African Community (SADC) forces intervened, successfully expelling the group from numerous captured areas. However, remnants of the militants sought refuge in the forests, launching periodic attacks from their hidden bases.